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Benedict Cumberbatch Is a Brand Ambassador for Jaeger-Lecoultre, and It’s a Match Made in Heaven

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As a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch and luxury advertisements, I was super excited when the two topics overlapped in the video promotion of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new collection Polaris Perpetual Calendar

Any brand that can snag Benedict Cumberbatch as one of their ambassadors certainly has an ample marketing budget, but as someone who’s been following the actor in multiple roles, Jaeger-LeCoultre was looking for more than adding some British flair. In the Marvel movie Doctor Strange, Cumberbatch stars as a renowned surgeon who, upon breaking the nerves in his hands in an accident, leads him to eventually becomes a master of the mystical and martial arts, the superhero Dr. Strange. 

By collaborating with this actor, this Swiss luxury watch brand elevates its brand image with the concept of timelessness through Cumberbatch’s association with his superhero persona. 

Steven Strange is a sorcerer who becomes a Master of the Mystic Arts and uses the Time Stone to alter and manipulate time. Adding in alternate dimensions, he’s a character who creates a new perception of time as his powers enable him to be outside conventional time constraints. 

Jaeger-LeCoultre is renowned for their timepieces’ classic elegance and timeless style. In the commercial, we see the central theme of time expanded to encompass history, passion, and the beauty of innovation. Through phrases such as “my future grows along my past” and “every moment takes me even higher,” it’s clear that the brand’s commitment to visionary craftsmanship is an integral part of their brand identity. Certainly, the timepieces are unique as the theme of Polaris Perpetual Calendar is “The Stellar Odyssey,” which explains why the watch possesses a lot of details related to complex astronomy. Both Jaeger-LeCoultre and Dr. Strange are masters of time in their respective fields.

Not only do these foundational shared characteristics make for a strategic fit between the two, but the placement of the Jaeger-Lecoultre watch also adds additional value to the film and the brand. While Steven Strange works as a surgeon, he’s often shown wearing The Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetual.

In one scene, Steven is shown selecting the watch from a huge drawer with at least a dozen high-end luxury watches. However, this watch is different because it’s a gift from his ex-lover, Dr. Christine Palmer, with the following inscription: “time will tell how much I love you.”

The watch breaks in the car accident that destroys the nerves in his hands, but Strange holds onto it, adding to the emotional appeal of the timepiece. His time as a mortal and relationship may have ended, but his love for Christine endures. The watch is evidence of his lingering feelings which adds a humanistic quality to the brand. It’s not just a timepiece for telling time. It carries emotions that are precious and timeless. Love is an emotion that goes above the concept of time, powerful but undefinable. Just like a work of art, JLC’s reputation as a beloved luxury company drives the demand for its ability to tap into consumers’ emotional desires. 

So—there you have it, Marvel and luxury really do make a perfect pairing, and the Cumberbatch and Jaeger-LeCoultre partnership makes a reappearance in the sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Desli is a luxury brand marketing and management major who enjoys music, thrift-shopping, running, and has a major coffee obsession.