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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Susqu chapter.

This summer, the witches on TikTok cursed the Moon. I hope this isn’t news to anyone. However, it’s not like cursing the Moon actually did anything to the mundane population; the Moon has bigger things to worry about than a few baby witches on social media ‘cursing’ it. Now, I don’t mean that it’s not possible to curse the Moon. It’s totally possible, and when I say they did it, I mean that this is a thing that actually happened. They also cursed the Fae, because 2020 isn’t weird enough already.

However, in case anyone was actually worried about what cursing the Moon means, let me put your fears to rest. As a few sources have pointed out, no seasoned witch is worried about ‘baby witches’ cursing the Moon. It just seemed like the newest generation of witches wanted to blaspheme the very core of witch culture, and create enemies for themselves and every magickal creature known (and unknown) to man. As one source states so eloquently, “throwing a hex at the moon is like chucking a molotov cocktail at Mecca. Their insolence will no doubt incite retaliation from tricksy Fae and Mother Moon.” Of course, there’s also moon-related deities to worry about, like Artemis (sister of Apollo, who is also a god of healing and medicine). So… that was a move.

black and white photo of Lady Justice holding the scales of justice
Photo by Ezequiel Octaviano from Pixabay

Really, there’s nothing to worry about. Unless you were one of those people who decided to hex the moon this summer, then I’d be frightened. Not from other witches, but from the laws of magick, the Fae, and quite a few annoyed Gods. Remember, what you put out into the world comes back to you threefold, and cursing the Moon is a lot of negativity. Good luck.

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