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If you have been on Tiktok recently, you would have definitely heard of Taylor Swift’s alleged new man, football star Travis Kelce. Kelce’s and Swift’s relationship gained attention in September, when reports came out stating they were talking and grew when Swift was spotted supporting Kelce at his Sept. 17 game next to Kelce’s mom. But this romance started in July, when Kelce revealed on his podcast, New Heights, with his brother, Jason Kelce, that when attending the Eras Tour, he was upset that Swift did not meet with guests in order to save her voice as he made her a friendship bracelet with his number on it that he wanted to give her.  

But who is Travis Kelce? The 33-year-old followed his older brother’s lead when he joined the NFL. Unlike Jason Kelce, who is a center for the Eagles, Kelce is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs with two Super Bowls under his belt. If you ask any football fan, he is on the rise, and some may say he’s the greatest tight end to ever play in the league, which is Kelce’s goal. Travis Kelce, as of writing this article, holds the record for the most yards in a single season as a tight end and has two Superbowl touchdowns under his belt. But Kelce was not always a tight end as he used to be a quarterback but ended up converting to a tight end before joining the NFL.  

His trail to the NFL was not certain or easy, as Kelce has a history of being kicked out of school. He was kicked out of preschool due to throwing a chair at a teacher for dominating a checkers tournament and then kicked out of his college team in 2010 for a drug violation but rejoined in 2011 to gain the team 150 yards and two touchdowns over the season. When Kelce entered the draft, it was believed that he would be the first-round pick, but he ended up being taken in the third round by Kansas City. This selection was after Jason Kelce vouched for Travis Kelce to coach Andy Reid, whom Jason had previously worked with when Reid coached the Eagles.  

Outside of football, Kelce has appeared on TV before in his own reality dating show ‘Catching Kelce’ where he went on 50 dates from 50 states. While no one really won the show, he has had public and notable relationships, his most notable being Kayla Nicole. He dated Nicole on and off for five years since 2017 and ended the relationship due to Kelce’s rumored infidelity. He has not had any major relationships since but has been looking for love. 

Swift is rumored to be attending the Kansas City Chiefs game on Oct. 1 to support Travis again, and we hope the best for both of them. Is this football player and reality star Mr. Right? Only time will tell. 

Haley Lynch is a junior at Susquehanna University and acts as the Director of social media/Marketing and Vice President for HerCampus at Susquehanna. She covers topics ranging from pop culture to more serious topics that affect everyday students. Her work uses pop culture to understand deeper-rooted issues in society. Originally from Maryland, this is her first year at Susquehanna and she previously attended a different university in South Carolina. Since being at Susquehanna, Haley has done many things in varying roles and levels besides HerCampus. From executive roles with the Sex Ed club on campus to editor at Her Campus, she has kept herself very busy and on the go. All this is on top of creating her own art on the side. In her free time, you can catch Haley either watching Dance Moms (Team Chloe!) or writing short films. You might catch her dancing around her room listening to Fleetwood Mac or Boy Genius with her cat, Atlas, or sitting outside writing poems or stories. If you want to make a fast friend, simply reference Taylor Swift or ask her how the kids she babysits are doing and you will have won her heart.