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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Susqu chapter.

Susquehanna University’s campus has been brimming with student activity. This past Tuesday, a group of students gathered in front of various members of the administration to protest and discuss how the university addresses sexual assault on-campus. I was lucky enough to be at this meeting, but I was there to report on another article that I am working on. Therefore, I feel that I hold a unique position in the events that occurred because I was not directly involved with them. I was merely an observer.

As both a journalist and an observer, I want to say that I am not writing this article to take a side. I am merely trying to relay how these events appeared from the perspective of an observant student.

These events clearly proved one thing to me: Susquehanna students care for each other.

Throughout the entirety of the meeting, students expressed a wide variety of emotions. Some were seen screaming in anger, while others cried silently. However, each emotion shown led to an emotional response. Whenever a student yelled in frustration, other students would applaud them. Whenever someone cried, another person was there to hold their hand. Whenever anyone got overwhelmed and left, they were immediately welcomed back.

The subject matter was difficult, and all the students present recognized that. Certain students shared their traumatic experiences with the group, and they were met with praise for their bravery. Other students would ask for the microphone just to say that they support and care about their peers.

All of these outbursts were extremely moving, but what they really accomplished was reminding me of why I chose to come to Susquehanna: community. The Susquehanna community is strong, and the students that go to this school love and support one another. That was quite clear Tuesday afternoon.

With all of that in mind, campus activism is important. It is a beneficial tool that students can use to voice their opinions. But what really strikes me as important is the unity campus activism shows. No matter the cause, students coming together for one, the singular purpose is a feat in itself. College students come from all walks of life, so the fact that a group of them were able to unite and fight for what they believe in is astounding, even if you disagree with them.

So, no matter if you were a student or an administrator, Tuesday’s event shows that Susquehanna University’s community is strong.

Hi! I'm Emily Costantino and I am a Journalism and Digital Content major at Susquehanna University. I work as both an on-campus member and a national writer for Her Campus.