3 Things I'm Excited About Doing Over Winter Break

One way I’ve historically coped with finals is by fantasizing about what I’m going to do during the break that follows them. As a sophomore, this coping method is helping me less and less; I’m a lot more comfortable being at college and going home isn’t something I think about as much anymore. However, I’m still really looking forward to having a little more time for things that aren’t school, so I’m going to take a little study break and think about all of the cool things I’ll be doing over winter break:

  1. 1. I'm going to make a comic, I swear to god dude

    Listen y'all, I really want to make a comic. But I’ve been telling myself for years that I’m not good enough at art yet, that I need to wait until some point In The Future when I will be Better At Art. I’m now starting to realize that point is never going to come and I just need to start practicing making comics. 

    I’ve seen this thing on Instagram and Twitter where people draw “daily comics” about funny, surprising, or happy things that happened to them that day. That might be a good place to start practicing, even if I don’t get up to anything interesting each day.

  2. 2. I'll probably read some books

    One really funny thing I’ve realized scrolling back through my old articles is that I used to write a LOT of book reviews. This semester I haven’t written any, because I uh… haven’t read any books.

    My 2019 Goodreads reading challenge is in shambles. I’ve only read 38 of the 50 books I was supposed to read this year, and most of those 38 are manga or books for class. I’m really hoping to hunker down in my local library and get those books read before the end of the year! Or I’ll just fill up the rest of the challenge with manga like I always do…

  3. 3. I'll see my friends (once)

    As I get older, more and more of my best friends from high school either go off to college or move away to distant lands. I’m very excited to see them in the short period that we will be home at the same time, however!

Good luck on your finals if you still have them, and have a great winter break!