Why You Should Adopt a Cat

Adopting a pet may seem like a huge responsibility, but what most people don’t understand is that it is one of the most rewarding things you could do. Animals give back so much, and can be a great addition to any household or family.

Cats are great pets - especially for college aged young-adults. They are adaptable in small spaces such as an apartment, and can provide a lot of emotional support and stress relief on those particularly difficult days. Obviously, don’t adopt a cat if your landlord does not approve, but if you are looking for a furry companion, here are some reasons why you should adopt a cat.


1. They will follow you everywhere.

When you adopt a cat, not only do you become their caretaker, but their best friend. You just rescued them from a shelter, or from a home that was not previously fit. You will be the most interesting thing its life, and it will cherish you for that. You will have adopted a companion that will sit by you while you do your homework (or on your homework), and will want to snuggle up with you under the covers at night.


2. You Will Have Someone to Play With At All Times

By nature, cats are hunters. They are very independent creatures, and spend a lot of time sleeping, but their energy needs to go somewhere. Taking a break while studying and playing with your cat can be a great source of stress relief - and it's fun for the cat! They love to hunt and play, especially with anything on a string. Once you’ve got them tired out they will come snuggle with you, or go curl up in a ball for a nice nap.



3. They Will Make You Laugh

Just like humans, cats can be a little clumsy. They will try and jump up the wall after a laser pointer, curl up in the most absurd positions, and make the weirdest sounds. These little furballs will always put a smile on your face with their curiosity, which will just be another reason why you love them so much.


4. They Will Love You Unconditionally

If you are living alone, it is always nice to have a bit of company. While cats are independent and can survive the day happily while you attend classes or work, they will be beyond excited to greet you when you get home. They will be so excited that their human companion is back, and will be sure to spend the rest of the night by your side. The sound of a cat purr is one of the greatest I have ever heard, and always makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy.

Animals, especially cats have the ability to comfort their human companions, and it is truly beautiful. There is nothing better than the purring of a happy cat on your most stressful or sad days.



Everyone has different views on cats, and not everyone is a cat person, but it is so easy to love these little fur balls. Personally, I had two cats growing up and while one wasn’t my biggest fan, the other loved me more than anyone else ever had. She was always there on my darkest nights, and licked away the tears off my face with her rough, little tongue. She’d watch tv with me and lay on my stomach, and sleep with me in my small twin-sized bed. I wouldn’t trade the years I had with her for anything, and even though taking care of her while she was sick was a tough task, it was all worth it. Even though I will always have her in my heart, I can’t wait until the day I can welcome my own furry friend into my home.