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For all RuPaul’s Drag Race fans, the season finale of any and every season is the most important event in the world. So after this drama filled season of All Stars, fans were dying to know who was going to be the next queen in the Drag Race Hall of Fame. So when RuPaul crowned both Monét X Change A N D Trinity the Tuck, there were a TON of mixed emotions. While hundreds of fans were losing their minds over there being two crowned queens, other fans felt that Monét X Change was robbed of a solo win.

(image from: ‘Drag Race: All Stars’ 4 Just Crowned Two Winners in the Season Finale)

While both Trinity and Monét showed that they are both fierce queens throughout this season, fans felt that this was the perfect opportunity for RuPaul to induct the first queen of color into the Drag Race Hall of Fame. While Monét was inducted, the historic moment was lessened when RuPaul also crowned Trinity as well. A joint win made Monét and Trinity’s crowning seem less important compared to other crownings. This could’ve been a monumentous moment for black LGBT community members, which it was because Monét is the first queen of color in the hall of fame, but by crowning a white queen alongside her it made it seem like Monét’s crowning was a second thought.

(image from: “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” ends in a shocking tie on VH-1)

A lot of fans have begun to come up with a theory that the only reason why there was a double crowning was because RuPaul didn’t want to face backlash for crowning just Trinity, which would make her the consecutive fourth queen to be crowned. So fans believe that by also crowning Monét along with Trinity, RuPaul got to crown who he wanted while avoiding a potential scandle. This wouldn’t be shocking if this was the true reasoning behind the crowning, considering all of the problematic and shocking things that have come out about RuPaul and the show prior and throughout this season. So by doing a double crowning that crowns a black queen, which is what every drag race fan has been waiting for, and crowning who Rupaul wanted to truly win.

(image from: Monét X Change instagram)

While Trinity did prove her worth and her title throughout this season, the joint crowning lessened the title for not only Monét, but Trinity as well. Even though this was a grand finale to a nail-biting season, I think all drag race fans can agree that this double crowning was worse than when Manila Luzon got eliminated earlier this season.

(image from: RuPaul Crowns Season Four Winner of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’)

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