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After a long wait, Marvel Studios initiated Phase 4 of Marvel Cinematic Universe with the series WandaVision.

Wanda Maximoff and Vision were last seen together in Avengers Infinity War where he sacrificed his life to stop Thanos from stealing the mind stone. So, the biggest question was: how would a 9-episode series dedicated to these two avengers turn out, and what new or additional story would they bring to the characters. Knowing Marvel Studios by their work until now, we are certain that if asked where they see themselves in the next 5 years, they would tell us the exact date and project they would be releasing. This is why it was fascinating to know what new stories would be unleashed in the series and how.

The very first episode gave rise to many doubts and questions about the set-up, the storyline, and the two different parts of a town that were shown divided with some electromagnetic power. However, as and when every episode progressed, things started getting clearer with some bigger concerns. The life of Wanda and Vision had been a part of an American sitcom and was controlled by someone unknown. A big shoutout to the creators for getting Marvel references in every episode to remind us that they are appearing for a reason. Watching every episode was like studying for an exam – you do not pay attention and the exam day destroys you. Every new episode had a change of era that initially started with the 1950s and gradually took place in the 2000s. Our basic understanding of the changing periods and Wanda and Vision’s life was that it was a world that Wanda loved living in, but everything around her looked abnormal. No neighborly drama, no work issues, kids were a part of the family and they lived happily together.

But what is a story and especially a Marvel one without a twist or a really bad villain? I guess it was just a matter of time that Wanda started to notice and explore every detail that disrupted her happy place. There have been scenarios where some characters have risked their lives to help Wanda stop whatever she was doing or what Wanda never intended to stop. This drama was on a whole new level, where your eyes got out of black and white life to “that is what you get when you sign up for a Marvel project” phase. Anything more would be a spoiler, but the last episode that was aired yesterday left all viewers on a cliffhanger with TWO post-credit scenes, which we cannot wait to watch whenever and wherever that happens.

There were so many fan theories that I will let you figure out for yourselves when you watch the series.

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