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Trends to Expect from Coachella 2019

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Neon Color Blocking

Neon is back in a BIG way this year - specifically bright greens and pinks. Bold highlighter colors look best with a tan, so expect to see this trend everywhere in the summer, especially in swimwear. If you see neon at Coachella this year, it won’t just be in the bag here or a crop top there, it will be a head-to-toe look...there will be no shortage of neon bodycon dresses and spandex sets in the Palm Springs desert this coming weekend. Neon will be most commonly found in sportswear inspired outfits, so grab a sneaker to pair with.

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Western Vibes

Kacey Musgraves’ Space Cowboy won’t be the only wild west inspired aspect Coachella will see this year. Although there will certainly be no country music at this festival, flare jeans, statement belt buckles, cowboy hats, and even boots aren’t off limits. Braids will be big this year too, but avoid looking like Jessie from Toy Story and go for a simple loose curl with an outfit like this.



Sneakers? At Coachella? Yes, you heard that right. Chunky white tennis shoes paired with spandex biker shorts and sports bra crop tops may not seem to be true to the Coachella vibe, but sportswear has taken the fashion world by storm this year, and there will be no escaping the trend this weekend. This look is best paired with a slicked back low pony, small - framed sunglasses, and our favorite festival must-have, the fanny pack. As bizarre as this look sounds, you’ve most likely seen your favorite Kardashian sporting this outfit, so it has to be in style, right? If you’re looking to incorporate this trend into your own, at-home wardrobe, check out stores like I AM GIA.

Animal Print

Remember when neon zebra print was a thing in 2011? Luckily the recent comeback of animal print is sans bright colors, but the jungle vibes are in full force. You’ve probably noticed a cheetah and snakeskin print bodysuit or two on your recent nights out, and Coachella will be no different. Expect to see lots of snakeskin bell bottom pants, cheetah crop tops, and even look for the trend in smaller details, like boots and bags. Although Coachella is definitely the place to go all out, don’t go overboard if you’re wearing this trend anywhere else. Keep it to one animal print piece per outfit, and let that be your statement by pairing it with more basic items.

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Coachella just wouldn’t be Coachella without sparkles and glitter. You’ll certainly see a lot of shimmery belts, shoes, and jewelry, but glitter is also the perfect addition to any beauty look. Expect festival-goers to replace their everyday cheekbone highlight with a shimmery glitter to add a little something extra to their Coachella look. For those that are feeling more extreme, you may even see glitter eyebrows or sparkly lipstick make an appearance. Regardless of what vibe the outfit is, no one can go wrong by adding a little bit of shimmer to their Coachella look… it is a music festival after all.

If you ever find yourself at Coachella one day, just remember the one simple rule to live by: Would Stevie Nicks wear it? If your answer is yes, the outfit’s a go.

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