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Top 4 Places to get an Ugly Christmas Sweater

The holiday season is the perfect time for any and all Christmas activities, one of which includes ugly sweater parties! But sometimes it's hard to find a last minute, cheap sweater during the hectic final season. Here are the best places to get your ugly sweater in time and make heads turn at any party you go to!


1. Target 

While you get distracted in the home goods section and wonder through the dollar section of Target, make sure you check out the clothing department to get a good look at all the amazing ugly sweaters Target has to offer. Plus, it's another excuse to go on a fun Target run and empty your bank account Christmas-themed things you don't need! 

(Get this sweater at Target for $27.99)

2. Primark

Primark is the queen of cheap, good quality clothes so it makes sense that it would be the best place to go for all things ugly-sweater related!

(Get this sweater at Primark for $20.00)

3. Walmart

While your Grandma might think these sweaters are cute and fashionable, Walmart has the ugliest of the ugly Christmas sweaters for the best prices!

(Get this sweater at Walmart for $19.00)

4. Amazon

It wouldn't be a "where-to-buy" article without mentioning Amazon! Amazon has everything from supplies to make your own unique ugly sweater or finished ugly sweaters to make your life 100 times easier!

(Get this sweater at Amazon for $20.22)

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