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Top 3 Most Wearable Trends From the 2019 Runways

No matter how hard we try to make runway fashion work in real life, it can still be a struggle to adopt these fashion trends into your closet. Some trends just aren’t practical for the everyday consumer. Not all of us want to pull off a head-to-toe neon look this year. Luckily, there were a few trends this season that us everyday college students can totally incorporate into our wardrobes!

1. Tie Dye

A look from the Area Fall 2019 collection.

Source: Fashionista.com


Most of us probably remember the days when we would make tie dye shirts with our friends or fellow campers. Well now, those $5 tie dye shirts we made as kids are going to be one of the most popular fashion trends of 2019!


2. Patchwork

A look from the Chanel 1941 Collection.

Source: Denimology.com


From mixed patterned flannels, to patchwork denim, this trend has been all over retail stores lately. A ton of thrift stores have patchwork pieces as well! This wearable trend adds something extra to your basic clothing item and is so chic.


3. Utility Wear

A look from Fendi 2019 Fashion Show.

Source: Pinterest

Possibly my favorite, and easiest trend to incorporate into my wardrobe. This safari/utility worker trend can simply be achieved with cute cargo pants and some combat boots! Tons of stores like Forever 21 and Zara are have been on this trend for months now- and for a pretty cheap price!


Check out Vogue.com for a complete list of fashion trends from the runway this year


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