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Theresa Doherty ’17

Name: Theresa Doherty

Hometown: Milton, Massachusetts

Year: Junior

Major:  Public Relations


Why did you choose to come to Suffolk University?

I chose Suffolk definitely for the location. I knew when I was looking at schools that I wanted to be right in the city. When I went for a tour of Suffolk and walked around the campus for the first time, I knew it was the school for me.


What groups are you involved in on campus? What does the group do?  Do you hold any positions in the group?

I have been a member of Program Council for the past two years. The group is composed of committees that plan all the events on and off campus. This semester I am the “step-in” chair for the off-campus committee. Stay tuned for an awesome off campus event coming soon!


What made you want to major in PR?

When I first started at Suffolk I was a communication studies major but I had a feeling that I wanted to switch to PR. Once I took my first PR class, I knew that it was for me. It is exciting, fast-paced and definitely a growing field. 

So, you intern for the Bruins!! What’s your internship title and what do you do?

Yes! Well, last Spring I interned with the Boston Bruins Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that assists charities across New England that help enhance the quality of life for children. In the office, I fulfilled donation requests, communicated with supporters and fans, and helped organize some amazing events. I also worked every home game.


How long have you been interning for the Bruins?

I interned with the Foundation last spring semester and for a bit over the summer. I was then hired as a Game Night Staff member for the Foundation. I assist with the 50/50 raffle that occurs at every home game.


What’s your favorite part about the internship? Have you had a favorite event you’ve helped out with?

The internship was such a rewarding experience and I definitely can’t just pick one thing as my favorite. It amazing to be a part of an organization that is so dedicated to helping so many people. There were a lot of great events that I was lucky enough to be apart of, like the Wives Fashion Show, the Golf Tournament and Cuts for A Cause. This summer though, we had a Bruins Foundation team participate in the Pan Mass Challenge which is two-day bike-a-thon. They rode 190 miles (crazy!) all for charity. I was there for the weekend and it was unbelievable. I’d say that was my favorite. 

Have you met/interacted with any of the players?

I get this question a lot! The Bruins players are very nice guys. They come to a lot of the events and support the Foundation whenever they can. At the Cuts for A Cause event, every single player got their head shaved to raise money. I’ve interacted with a lot of them – just saying “hey!” or things like that. Nothing crazy. They all are very friendly and nice.


Do you see yourself doing something like this as your career in the future?

Yes, definitely. The internship was a dream come true for me. I’ve always been a huge Bruins fan, but it was great to see the business side of the organization. I am not sure if I will stick with a career in sports in my future, but I would love to continue to work for a non-profit.


Sidenote: Theresa’s boyfriend, Ryan, works in the pro shop during every home game.  Tell me that’s not the cutest hockey couple ever.

Awww thanks!

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