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It’s no surprise that clothes can pile up quickly. from being scattered on the floor, hanging from laundry baskets, or not put in the right spot, it can leave a sense of being overwhelmed.

Sometimes, it’s time to say goodbye.

Getting rid of clothes can be tricky, especially when some have sentimental value. The best way when starting off is to clear your closet or wardrobe completely. This way, there’s no turning back and will allow for full reassessment of what to keep and what to toss.

When deciding what to keep, try it on first and ask yourself:

is it worn often?

Often does not mean every couple of times in a year or when you remember that you own it. Think about your everyday wardrobe and if a certain piece should be a part of it. If it went missing and you wouldn’t notice, it’s time to say goodbye.

does it fit well?

Bodies fluctuate, sure.

However, it’s important to keep clothes that fit your body the way it is normally on a daily basis. If a piece of clothing is able to be easily adjusted with a sewing machine, it might be worth holding on to.

are there more than one?

If you have a specific style or aesthetic, buying clothing that looks similar can happen a lot. Consider your favorite out of the rest and keep that one only.

can it mix and match?

Think about how an article of clothing will go well with others. It’s a good idea to keep your clothing versatile to help minimize your closet space. Try to keep shirts and bottoms that are able to mix and match rather than keeping an item that only pairs well with one thing.

does it make you feel your best?

People constantly change, especially with their sense of style. When sorting through the pile, think about if your current closet aligns with your new sense of style. As Marie Kondo tidying method advises, ask yourself ‘does it spark joy?’. Clothing should reflect who you are and should make you feel your best. If it’s not a definitive yes, put it in the donate pile.

speaking of donating…

Think about the planet and give it back love. Donating clothes to a local goodwill or to a homeless shelter can be a great alternative to rid your clothing you no longer want without more waste. Remember, donate items that are still wearable and are not beyond repair.

Though these tips were directed towards decluttering your closet, they can also be applied when shopping. Think about your current closet and what you want to contribute to it.