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The Newest Fashion Trend: Going Back to Our Childhood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Suffolk chapter.

Fashion is forever evolving and trends always come and go. Nowadays, there is a trend that is taking over a lot of our clothing. The frills, bows, pinks, and feminine features have made it back to the scene. Our favorite celebrities, such as the Hadid sisters, Phoebe Bridgers, Jennie Kim, and many more have been rocking the school wear and “girlesque” aesthetic we have grown to love.

Before the 20th century, both children and adults wore the same type of clothing. There was a standard, and it was the same for everyone, regardless of their youth or maturity. Over time, there were small distinctions made, such as different types of dresses and soft details. In the 19th century, there was a lot of emphasis on what was to be worn by girls, boys, and grown men and women. As times were changing, there was a need for a clear distinction between what was appropriate for the age and gender. The clothing changes according to the period and what the people of the time are going through. The pandemic has caused a lot of shifts and time to self-reflect and think about a lot of things though it’s not clear when it will truly end.

Many trends often go back to comfort zones. Elements like soft palettes and ballerina shoes are examples that go back to a child-like aesthetic. This is something that should be celebrated, as it can be exciting to go back to pieces or styles that you loved without feeling shamed or uncomfortable.

This will be a trend that, a few years later, could be forgotten, or it may still be here in small fragments. Regardless, it is refreshing to see women be able to explore their femininity through clothing in a way never seen before. A moment that solidified that for me was the premiere of the Barbie movie, which had a stylish and feminine wardrobe playing a big role in their promotions. There is something wonderful about femininity and acceptance of ourselves as a whole. With the rise of brands like Sandy Liang, there is huge potential for a girls’ concept revival which is already here. Things are always changing but, it’s so interesting what fashion can tell us about what we are going through.

I'm a freshman at Suffolk University majoring in Public Relations(PR). I'm Salvadorian and was born and raised there during my childhood years. Topics and beliefs that interest me are pop culture and also women's rights. That is because the influences that come from the mainstream hold weight in our values and morals but it’s entertaining as well. As for women's rights, I just find it important for one to advocate for oneself and also for other women because we are all in this together.