Suffolk University Pitch Competition 2018

If you love the show Shark Tank, then something you should know is that Suffolk University does it’s own pitch competition with judges and even a crowd favorite winner (RSVP here)! This year the event happens on Thursday, April 19 and has two different sections. First from 5-6pm is the tabling event where you will have the chance to walk around and hear the different products put out by Suffolk students. In this section there is a crowd favorite winner, each person that attends will receive a ticket and when you find the product you like the most you will add your ticket to their jar. The product with the most tickets will win the crowd favorite for that section. Following tabling there will be the pitches where each student will have 2 minutes to pitch their product, detailing what they intend to use it for, how it will be marketable, and how it will make a profit. After the pitches there will be a decision by the judges for first, second, and third places all winning prize money. Lastly there will be a crowd favorite for the pitches as well.


There will also be food, sweet treats, and drinks while you mingle with the founders, staff, and alumni! Below are some of the brands you will see pitching this year. RSVP here!


America Coastal Apparel - Founded by sophomore Ethan Abitz, this east coast clothing company gives off some major vibes and is the perfect all season wear. It will have you looking great and feeling great. Ethan is looking to raise money to re-brand the company, introducing a new logo, and move the printing process in house. Check them out on Instagram @americancoastalapparel.



The Hush Brush - Founded by junior, Kristy Fitzpatrick, the hush brush is changing the way we look at our makeup brushes. The revolutionary idea to have a clickable makeup brush that works like a pen will change the game! Just imagine getting to click your makeup brush in and out so that the bristles are protected and your makeup bag stays clean! Follow the journey @thehushbrush.



Lost It - This book written by our very own CC, and senior, Eleni Katavolos, is 100 short stories on how different people lost their virginity. Yes we know, it’s out there, but we love the subject and just how much it’s something we all secretly want to know about and compare our own experiences to. The book will begin being available for pre-order next week! Keep an eye out by following the book on Instagram @lostitbook.


Lucas Nathaniel - Founded by junior Lucas Bonds who seeks to change the game with men’s underwear. He plans to combine 2 different materials to create a well fitting, comfortable, breathable underwear that stays in place and makes men feel unstoppable! Follow along with his process @lucas__nathaniel.


No Name Snacks - Founded by junior Abbey Dodge, these snack bars are amazing! They are vegan and paleo, yet they taste like nothing is missing. Perfectly sweet and satisfying they taste like you’re cheating, but you’re not! Follow along @nonamesnacks.


PURElement - Founded by junior, Paola Vangjeli these shot sized apple cider vinegar (ACV) and honey mixed drinks are changing the way you look at this healthy trend. ACV can be hard to take but the benefits are potentially life changing, she’s making it easier to take on the go and easier to take in general! Follow along @thepurelemenet.


RSVP here!!!