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Suffolk RAD Self-Defense Program

If you don’t know anything about RAD it stands for “Rape Aggression Defense” and is a self-defense class that was designed for women. It is taught two times per semester at Suffolk and is free for female students. There are three, four hour-long classes you need to complete to have your RAD book signed. Having your book signed allows you to take RAD again anywhere it is offered for free as long as you show your signed book. So for example if you graduate and move to California for a job, you can find somewhere locally that offers RAD and brush up on your skills.

The class is taught at Suffolk by SUPD RAD certified instructors and is practiced only behind closed doors, the idea being that people won’t know how you will defend yourself so you must maintain an element of surprise. RAD teaches you how to legally defend yourself and get out of a dangerous situation so that you can get help.

I personally feel that every woman should take RAD, especially living in a city, as so many things could potentially happen at any time. Because the class is geared towards women it caters to our abilities, so whether small or tall, all of the moves will work for you. On the third day of RAD it’s simulation day, and on this day about 6 SUPD officers come to class and wear large padded suits. In three different simulations you are put to the test against them and need to defend yourself and get to the designated exit. This simulation day really puts into perspective how your adrenalin kicks in when you’re being attacked, and how your muscle memory really remembers everything you were taught in the last two classes. It really gives you a good self-esteem boost knowing you defended yourself against three full-grown officers. I recommend EVERY woman take a RAD class as soon as you can. It really gives you extra security to know that you have the knowledge to defend yourself! Follow SUPD on Instagram to keep up with the RAD schedule, or call them at 617-573-8333 for more information.

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