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Stranger Things Season 2 Preview

The infamous “Stranger Thing’s” gang is finally reunited and ready for another season of mysteries and monsters. Now that Will has been saved from the Upside Down, it’s time to get things back where they were before. However, will things ever go back to being normal again?

Although not much is said about Season 2, the trailer clears up some unanswered questions from the last episode we have all been dying to get the answer to. The trailer focuses on Will and the aftereffects of him being in the Upsidedown. After all, being kidnapped by an unknown monster can be pretty traumatic.


One thing we do know is whatever is terrorizing the Town of Hawkins, is back for more. Nonetheless, the investigation to find it is still underway by Chief Hopper in order to get justice for Eleven. Also of course Mike, Dustin, Lucas and now Will are back to their usual shenanigans and mystery solvings.

We all know the real question everyone is asking. Is Eleven alive? From the trailer we know that she is alive inside the Upside Down and obviously doesn’t plan on staying in there. At the end of the clip, it shows her breaking free, hopefully soon to be reunited with Mike.


So break out the frozen waffles and start binge watch Season 1 to get all caught up. You can watch the trailer for season two here: “Stranger Thing’s” Season 2 Trailer. Season two premieres Friday, October 27 on Netflix, perfect timing with the spookiness of Halloween in the air.

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