RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 10, Episode 3 Review

Right off the bat, this episode was full of drama started by the drama queen herself, The Vixen. Immediately after the elimination, The Vixen was hyped up after her win but was quickly shut down by Aquaria, who pointed out the fact that The Vixen borrowed a wig from another queen, which meant that it wasn’t The Vixen’s “best drag” therefore she shouldn’t have won the challenge. This of course lead to a full-blown fight between The Vixen and Aquaria, setting up a drama-filled episode.

All drama aside, the mini challenge this week made the queens get into quick drag for a commercial screen test for RuPaul Chocolate Bars that would make Ru laugh and get that promo! At the end of the challenge, Ru declared that Blair St. Clair, Monet X Change and Monique Heart won this week’s mini challenge, making them the team captains of this week’s main challenge.

The queens had to act in commercials for three different dating apps that would make the judges understand the point of the app and to get a good laugh out of it. RuPaul let the queens know which app they’d be making a commercial for; Blair’s team was Team Endofdays, Monet’s team was Team MadamButtrFace and Monique’s team was Team Fibstr. Team Endofdays was: Miz Cracker, Eureka O’Hara and The Vixen, Team MadamButtrFace was: Asia O’Hara, Aquaria and Yuhua Hamasaki and Team Fibstr was: Dusty Ray Bottoms, Kameron Michaels and Mayhem Miller. After the queens picked their team members, Monet seemed to be a little upset when she got “stuck” with Yuhua, foreshadowing the fact that Yuhua is going to be a disaster in the challenge.

When each team broke off to work on their commercials, it seemed like everything was fine until The Vixen decided to act like she knew better than everyone in her group and immediately caused tension between her and Eureka, all because Eureka offered up a fat-joke suggestion which triggered The Vixen for some reason. After The Vixen popped off, everyone in Team Endofdays seemed to move on and work on the challenge but The Vixen chose to stay bitter over unnecessary drama. Speaking of unnecessary drama, Team MadamButtrFace were faced with a brick wall when it came to Yuhua. It seemed like everything they suggested for the commercial just wasn’t good enough for Yuhua, even though she came up empty handed with suggestions, leaving not only her team members annoyed, but her team captain Monet annoyed as well. Team Fibstr faced their own problems when Mayhem said she’d be the narrator, but Kameron insisted that she be the narrator, leaving Mayhem to comply even though she knew that Kameron and herself would fall flat if Mayhem wasn’t the narrator. Even though Mayhem knew it was going to be a disaster, she let Kameron be the narrator because apparently, she’s competing in RuPaul’s Best Friends Race this week.

Before we get into how each team performed, a quick breakdown of each app is probably necessary. Team Endofdays’ app is for anyone and everyone to find that special someone before the end of the world. Team MadamButtrFace’s app was based around women who have the snatched body, amazing personality, but have a busted-up face. Team Fibstr’s app was all about pathological liars trying to find the right person…or the wrong person pretending to be the right person.

Filming the commercials are the make and break for each team because their performance during filming is the main factor when it comes to judging. Team Endofdays was up first and their performance was near-perfect from the eyes of Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley, which isn’t an easy thing to do when it comes to Michelle Visage so props to Team Endofdays! It seemed like after Team Endofdays, the other two teams weren’t as iconic as them because they seemed to struggle a bit. Team Fibstr was bound for disaster after Mayhem and Kameron decided to switch roles, and it showed in their performance. Both queens continuously fell flat and the only saving grace was Dusty’s performance in the commercial. When it came around Team MadamButtrFace’s turn, all the viewers at home were waiting to see just how bad Yuhua would derail the commercial. Between her flat lines and non-ugly face, Yuhua seemed to just blend in and made no sense being in the commercial.

As the queens were getting ready fort the mainstage, Blair and Dusty had a heart to heart about what it was like to come out to their families. Blair explained how understanding and loving her family was towards her and how supportive her family, especially her mom was, towards her being a drag queen. Dusty, on the other hand, was faced with hatred and ridicule and was “exorcised” by a priest because her family believed that a gay demon had possessed her. The queens showing this kind of vulnerability not only brings the queens closer together, but give hope to LGBTQ viewers at home, whether they have a supportive family or not.

Putting all the performances to the side, for now, this week’s mainstage look was “Feathers” and the two guest judges were Courtney Love and Nico Tortorella. After each queen showed off their own bird-fantasy, RuPaul announced that the queens would be judged individually, rather than as a team. RuPaul announced that Asia, Eureka and Blair were the tops of the week, Yuhua, Kameron and Mayhem in the bottom and all the remaining queens were announced safe. After the judge’s critiques, Asia is announced as the winner while Mayhem and Yuhua were left to lipsync for their lives.

Mayhem and Yuhua had to lipsync to Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” and from the get-go it was a given that Mayhem was going to win. Mayhem gave it her all during the performance and stood out, not only because of her bright fuchsia feather dress, while Yuhua blended into the background, just like she did in the commercial. As everyone guessed, Mayhem won the lipsync and Yuhua was forced to sashay away. Make sure to watch next week’s episode on Vh1 at 8PM!