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Reviewing Black-Owned Businesses around Boston

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Suffolk chapter.

COVID was one of the biggest hard hitting realities of our society. Isolation, inflation, mental health rising, etc. Black owned businesses are already being put to the side and being on the frontline like they should. When covid hit, a lot of businesses got hit hard as well. According to the Washington post, “In the early months of the pandemic , Black owned – small businesses closed at twice the rate of other businesses , with 41 percent shutting down.” There was a big downfall for black owned businesses and there are not a lot of people who are stepping up and trying to help support them. 

  1. Black owned BOS.

Address : 623 Tremont St. Boston, MA 02118 

4.9 / 5 star business rating 

BOS. is a business that sells beauty , accessories , merch , and other little essentials. https://www.blackownedbos.com is where you can go if you would like to look at their products and see what they have to offer. BOS. has a lot of cute and stylish clothes , bags, accessories and more. BOS was officially launched in March of 2019 as a platform to give black owned businesses a voice and additional support. When you think of a boutique you think of BOS. It represents support, strength, motivation, and hardwork. It is a driven for profit type of business, says the online website. They offer vendor sources , brand partnerships, festivals , giveaways, etc. If you click on this link, you can see their up and coming new events they are promoting. Click and find out how you can help support their business in any way. 

2. Black Economic Council Of Massachusetts (BECMA)

Address : One Beacon St. Boston, MA 02108 

5 / 5 star business rating 

This business focuses on the importance of the differences between black bostonians and white bostonians. The rate between the two is unimaginable when you’re working for a living. This is an association that focuses on what they can do to help other black owned businesses earn the means they deserve. They work just as hard but are not paid as if they do so. It is an empowering association. It focuses on each member and navigates through the harsh business community by providing different resources and opportunities.

Black owned businesses have been around for awhile and they aren’t recognised like they should be. If you can, whenever you can get out and go find some shops. There are so many around just the Boston area. But if you ever travel outwards you can find even more boutiques, companies, and other resources. Be the change and go out and support the businesses that deserve the support they work so hard for.

Elisabeth Gil

Suffolk '26

Hi ! My name is Elisa. I’m a double major in psychology and criminal justice hoping to become a forensic psychologist. In my spare time I like watching horror movies , drawing, and listening to true crime podcasts