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Relationship Blog: The 7 Excuses Why He’s Not Texting Back


So you’ve finally worked up the courage to text that guy you’re totally into, and of course he doesn’t text back right away. First, you go into panic mode thinking about what you did wrong and re reading the text even thought you said “Hey!” You just need to make sure you didn’t sound to eager or needy or stupid. And then you start coming up with a million excuses for why he isn’t texting back.  Here is a list of some of the most common excuses girls give guys.

1. He’s playing it cool.

He was obviously so excited that you texted him, but he knows he needs to play it cool and wait a while to text you back. He’ll for sure text back in a few hours!

2. He’s in class.

Not only is he cute and sweet, but he’s also smart and dedicated! He’s definitely in class right now and can’t look at his phone.

3. He’s at work.

If he isn’t in class right now he must be working really hard at his minimum wage job and just cant pull out his phone. When he gets out of work he will totally text back right away. 

4. He’s at the gym.

Word on the street is that he works out a lot, so he must me at the gym. It makes so much since for why he hasn’t answered!

5. His phone died.

Your phone always dies at the worst times, and you’re sure that’s what happened to him too.

6. He’s spending time with his family.

(Thinking to yourself)  “I think he mentioned something about seeing his family.  He’s probably with them right now, and that’s so cute that he gives them all of his attention!”

7. He’s asleep.

Yes. He must be taking a nap. But it has been a, while so you’re sure he will get up soon and text right back!

Chelsea Graham Broadcast Journalism Major Campus Celebrity Reporter
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