Rampage Show Choir Performs at Providence-Bruins Game

On Sunday, October 27th, Suffolk University’s Rampage Show Choir took a trip to Providence, Rhode Island. As a group we got on the commuter rail and traveled to the Dunkin’ Donuts Center to perform at the Providence-Bruins hockey game against a Canadian team. We dressed to the occasion by sporting our red and black and watched the game filled with excitement as we waited to sing during the second intermission. 


(Image taken by: Carina Fresa)


While most of us are not hockey fans, it was a great way to spend time together and bond with our new members. The most interesting part of the game, as many would say, was the fist fight that broke out on the ice. It was baffling to some that this was allowed in the sport, but it definitely added more action to the afternoon!  As performers, we were given vouchers to receive a soft drink, popcorn and a Providence-Bruins team hat! We also wandered around the arena and explored a place that was new to the majority of the group. A few members tried to find the mascot for a funny group photo, but unfortunately he was unable to be found. 


(Image taken by: Carina Fresa)


During the second intermission, Rampage geared up to sing from our seats in the arena. We sang our new song of the year, "Feel It Still" by Portugal the Man. We were projected on the jumbo screen in the middle of the rink, and our voices were projected throughout the arena. We were advised against looking at the screen as we sung, because the timing would appear off and we would get sick. I personally kept my eyes plastered straight in front of me to avoid the temptation. 


(Image taken by: Carina Fresa)


As our first performance of the year, it is definitely something to be proud of. While we're used to dancing while we sing, it was refreshing to be able to showcase the beautiful voices that are sometimes masked by the difficult dance routines. This performance gave our new members a professional performance with the group and allowed us to create personal bonds early on in the year!


After the game, we headed back to the train station to return to Boston. While we were early, we enjoyed every moment of it by snacking, chatting and playing UNO! I can’t wait to see where Rampage goes this year, and if this first performance indicates anything, it is that this year will be even better than the last! 


 Watch Our Experience Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzDakSgW4OY

Watch Our Performance Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdcT5338By4