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Profile: Josh Cronin

Name: Josh Cronin

Year: Sophomore, Film and Media major

Hometown: Malden, Massachusetts

Relationship status: Single

Involvement on campus: SGA Senator Class of 2019, Speech and Debate Team, Suffolk Sketch Comedy Group

Astrology Sign: Taurus


How did you get involved with the Patriots Day movie?

I started out as just an extra through the agency, Boston Casting. At first I was just a spectator in the scene, but eventually I was asked by the director specifically to be a victim. After that, they began filming in my hometown of Malden, and through my town Mayor, which I am very close to, I got more formally introduced to the director. He eventually found out that I was a film major and allowed me to shadow him until the end of filming.


What was it like being on set?

Being on set was amazing to say the least. Peter Berg, the director, made it very fun. You could tell the whole crew really loved being there. Although it was fun, obviously there were many emotionally hard scenes to film in this movie, and going back and basically reliving these was very difficult for everyone.


Do you have a favorite set moment?

Peter Berg once played a prank on me. While shadowing Peter, I became a production assistant, something I was very new to. Peter calls me to his car one day and asks me to do a lot of random things around the set. After a multitude of tasks, he asks me to stop this man crossing the street, so I could check inside of his suitcase. Being so new to this job, I assumed that this was all just part of it. Well, I didn’t realize until I had already opened the suitcase, that this was all just a giant joke to see how far I would go following Peter’s odd tasks. I could hear the entire crew laughing in my ear. This definitely was one of my favorite moments.

Did you get to meet any celebrities?

Being on set for as long as I was I got to meet almost all of the crew. I got to meet Alex Wolf and Themo Melikidze, who play the Tsarnaev brothers in the film. I also got to meet the lead singer of the Dropkick Murphys and J. K. Simmons who stars in the movie. Everyone I was able to meet were all very nice.


Who was your favorite?

Definitely Alex Wolf. Him and I have similar personalities and love to joke around, so we were always laughing and cracking jokes on set. It was easy to connect with him.


After this huge opportunity, what other things do you have planned next, or hope to do in the future?

Well, I was given the opportunity to travel to LA to intern for Peter Berg this summer, which I intend to do. Hopefully from there, I can make even more connections and eventually get a job in a studio!


Patriots Day opens in Boston, LA, and New York City on December 21st, and January 31st everywhere.

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