Photograph Like A Bostonian: North End Edition

Ever find the perfect spot for an Instagram picture, but don’t want to use it because tons of other people also have pictures there? Growing up in such a mainstream, tourist area like Boston, I always had this problem whenever I would try to find the spot for an outfit of the day picture, or just when I would want to admire the beauty of my city. I was sick and tired of seeing pictures all over my social media platforms of people on Newbury street, the Public Gardens, and the same streets of Beacon hill over and over again. Sure, these places are more than worthy enough of a photograph, but there is so much more hidden beauty to this historic city than just a few tourist spots and brick walls. So, I took my phone to the biggest tourist destination of Boston that has the best secret photo ops I know of : the North End. Here is a list of just a few of my favorite spots that are most definitely ‘Gram worthy!


  1. Trattoria di Monica (Prince Street, Boston)



2. This Abandoned Building (Salem Street, Boston)



3. The Green Wallpaper (Salem Street, Boston)

4. The Storefront of Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe (Parmenter Street, Boston)


5. Terramia Ristorante/bike rack (Salem St, Boston)


(all photos taken by Skyla Buonopane)