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One of Those Days: A Simple Guide to Getting Up and Out in 10 Minutes

We’ve all been there. You were out late the night before, slept through your alarm, and only have ten minutes to get ready for class. Most people panic, throwing on whatever they can find and altogether giving up on looking your best. Or the alternative, simply skipping class because you just can’t be seen in this condition in public! But by focusing on the 3 essentials, hair, makeup, and clothes, you can be up and out the door in ten minutes!

HairThe first must have product is Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo. If you’re short on time and don’t have time to shower, dry shampoo is great to get rid of oily or greasy looking hair. You simply spray the shampoo in your hair,let it dry for one minute, and after you brush it out, that oily look will be completely gone! This product is found in hair salons, but you can also find similar products in super stores such as Target, or in pharmacies such as CVS!


The next product is Bare Minerals Foundation. When you wake up late you definitely don’t have time to do your full makeup routine, but with Bare Minerals you can look just as good. Just apply the foundation (which also contains SPF 15) to give an overall clear, even, and natural look to your skin. Bare Minerals products can be found at their website and at makeup stores, such as Sephora.


And lastly comes the Lululemon clothing, for a quick and comfortable outfit. When you’re in a rush you end up throwing on whatever sweatpants and sweatshirts you can find, which isn’t always the best look. Lululemon athletic wear is as comfortable as your last minute outfit, but much more flattering. You can find Lululemon clothing ontheir website. Their clothing is on the more expensive side for college students’ budget, so Gap Fit is also a good alternative for a quick, simple, and flattering outfit. 
Chelsea Graham Broadcast Journalism Major Campus Celebrity Reporter
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