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The New “I Do”

It was always fun, and although we did not know it at the time, simply scandalous to be proposed to as a little kid on the playground…boys had cooties, right?

Regardless, cooties or no cooties, the dress up box would be sprawled open with strands of pearls, long gloves and fancy tutus.  Within the next few days, the new couple would be all the gossip at recess, thus igniting a new phase of excitement at school.

Many girls have forever dreamed of their own magical storybook tale.  But as some girls get closer to turning their dreams into reality, its not playing at recess anymore; its the big leagues, and furthermore, the big picture. 

Every little detail must now be carefully thought out and planned, even down to the delicate cupcakes decorated with cream cheese pearls.

Some trends have changed, hence “the new I do.”  Recent studies have shown that the new desirable age for marriage seems to be 25-28 years old.  But whether you’re getting married at 25 or 35, every gal dreams of being a beautiful princess on her special day.  All brides want every single detail of their wedding to be unique and absolutely perfect…”Pinterest” perfect, that is.

One of my favorite pastimes is spending time on my laptop pinning to my future “dream wedding” Pinterest board. This consists of absolutely everything, down to trendy table arrangements and pastel decorations.  Something about these gorgeous Pinterest weddings reminds us of our favorite forever-after-storybook tales and movie scenes.  And although it is such an exciting and fun time for a bride-to-be, wedding planning can be extremely stressful too. 

So, before making any decisions in the tying-the-knot process, consult with Pinterest first!

The Dress

You will know when you have found your perfect mate.  And I am not talking about the handsome groom, ladies.

Your wedding dress is an extremely big deal.  Brides-to-be start searching for their dress typically a year in advance.  From multiple fitting appointments, to leaving yourself enough time to finding a gorgeous pair of shoes to match, there is much preparation that goes into the dress.  Your dress will set the tone for the big day.  She (the dress) will act as a high maintenance BFF, and she will not be pleased if you stuff your face with a weekend splurge of chocolate chunk ice cream.  Just don’t go there…it will not end pretty!  But there is something completely magical about finding the right dress when you slip it on and model it on the pedestal…veil gracefully draping and all.  It should reflect everything about your style; in essence, the dress is you – from your personality to unique taste.

You want to find the ultimate show stealer…one that will make everyone tear when they look up to see the groom’s reaction of love and utter happiness as he watches you walk up the aisle.  Whether you desire a traditional winter white gown, or a more modern look or color, Pinterest has the most gorgeous variety of wedding gowns, from fun and funky to elegant and classy, that will certainly make your day unforgettable.


Cakes have become creative works of art since the time of the traditional white wedding cake.  Some brides even opt for other sweet delicacies instead of a cake.  An elegant pedestal of cupcakes is a fun, untraditional idea which guests will totally love…I mean who doesn’t love a fabulous looking cupcake?

If you’d rather stick to tradition, the wedding cake can be completely transformed into something beautiful. There are many dessert artists who make their own amazing designs, depending on your own unique preferences.



The Wedding Album

Typical wedding pictures have also transformed into something so much more than head-on poses. The wedding album should be a romantic storybook, and now people are sharing tons of creative stances/venues to complete your photo-shoot.  Pinterest has you covered with incredibly trendy ideas to have your love story portrayed on endless pages. 

Book a photographer that represents how you want your wedding to be remembered.  The wedding pictures should be a reflection of your relationship, so that your children and theirs can see them in the light that you and your spouse see one another.  Browsing through Pinterest ideas and the work of talented photographers will definitely make your love story endless…


The Date/Venue

These two pieces of the plan go hand-in-hand.  You may have a special place where you have your heart set, in which case available dates will be limited.  If you are flexible with the venue, there will be more dates to choose from.

Some couples look for exciting “out-of-the-box” wedding locations.  Central Park in NYC or Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, Romania are a couple of unique spots.  How about a hot air balloon wedding in Albuquerque, New Mexico?  Perhaps an open vineyard, city rooftop, or chic barn wedding is for you.  Be creative, decide on your budget, and go for it!

Invitations/save the date/stationary

Choices, choices, and more choices!  If you dare to be different, there are so many options for you.

A Lifetime of Happiness

Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is your special day… it should be all about you and your fiancé.  Don’t be afraid to break tradition. Follow your heart, and dare to stand out in your choices.  Try to relax and enjoy every second of planning, and then enjoy your wedding and a lifetime of happiness!


My name is Alexa Mellardo and I am currently a sophomore and Broadcast Journalism major at Suffolk University, located in the heart of one of the most charming cities in the world: Boston. A passionate journalist, I am fortunate to be doing what I love to do….writing! When I’m not composing articles for two awesome online publications (hercampus.com and also collegefashionista.com) and attending classes, I intern at a trendy magazine in the city. In between, I love to shop and spend time with my friends and my boyfriend. I have two addictions: shopping and cupcakes. In light of that, what better place to be than just blocks away from Newbury Street, Charles Street and Quincy Market? My quaint, vintage brownstone apartment in Beacon Hill is where my two best friends and I keep it strictly classy and fashionable. We turned our apartment into a comfy fashionable haven, and we enjoy relaxing and entertaining our friends. Living in such an awesome city provides a wealth of opportunity, fun, and culture to embrace. My dream is to one day be a respected, well-known broadcast journalist.