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The New Hot Spot: The Dry Bar

Springtime in Boston is a season with new trends, styles and of course…humidity! With the temperature rising and constant spring showers it becomes even more of a struggle for girls trying to tame their hair each day. Once you finally wake up to see your hair cooperating, you take a look outside and all your hopes of wearing your hair the way you wanted are out the window. Of course you can’t let your hair dry naturally without humidity taking control, but sometimes sitting down to blow dry your hair yourself just takes too much time.

Luckily for all girls in Boston there is a new trend emerging and it’s known as The Dry Bar.  The 3 locations in Boston (234 Clarendon Street, 210 Boylston Street, and 437 Columbus Ave) have had nothing but rave reviews and how could they not! Once you arrive you are greeted with champagne and hair professionals ready to style your hair as you please. It is washed, dried and styled for only $40.

Not only is this a steal, it’s a perfect beginning or end to a girls day out, mothers day present, or even if your feeling like treating yourself for getting through finals. You can choose from lots of different treatments to tailor it to your own hair AND if you’re not sold already, they can make their way to you if you’re too busy. It’s a blow dry on the fly, and will leave your hair ready and tame for all the hustle and bustle of springtime.


Pre-Law Student attending Suffolk
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