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The New Era of Celebrity Dating: DJs

There once was a time when everyone ‘loved Rock n Roll’ and used jukeboxes…. (what?) The music had depth, emotion, and more often than not, a heartthrob. A music evolution that can be traced back to the 1960’s, Rock ‘n’ Roll and rock bands brought about its own fashion and overall lifestyle and these religious icons at the head of the movement became known as the coined phrase, a ‘rock star.’ Everyone wanted to be one and if you didn’t want to be one, you wanted to date one.

Even through the 1990’s, rock stars were at the top of the A list. Gwyneth Paltrow at her prime dated and married Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin and famous couples embodying the sharp edge of Rock ‘n’ Roll, such as Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, were the headliners of every gossip magazine. Old, grungy, and slightly washed up rock stars, such as David Bowie, Steven Tyler, and Alice Cooper were still desirable in the world of the red carpet.

Flash forward to 2015. There’s a new era of music and thus, a new era of “Most Wanted Bachelors.” Rappers? Wrong. DJs. Yes. However now they don’t just play with the beat and select the next song. They’ve invented their own genre, EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, which is becoming one of the increasingly growing popularity in music. They might not sing or play an instrument but these musical gurus perfectly sync the bass and the rhythms to create that next ‘club banger.’

Adam Levine? He was once all the rage but his former girlfriend and Sports Illustrated model, Anne Vyalitsyna, supposedly moved on to hugely popular DJ Calvin Harris quickly after their split. Katy Perry is so over grungy punk rock star Russell Brand and has been rumored to be dating EDM star Diplo. Similarly, Selena Gomez has moved on from her days of singing about how her heart aches for Justin Bieber and has gone more public with her techno love, Zedd. The duo has even released a new song titled, ‘I Want You To Know.’

Sure, maybe a good amount of society still loves Rock ‘n’ Roll but it’s clear that the electronic guitar, although appreciated, is falling off the top charts. In a limelight world like Hollywood, every fad, just like clothes and style, comes with the hedonic need to do whatever it takes to stay relevant, even if it’s forcing love. Dating DJs? 100% “in.”

Click here to listen to Selena and her new Dubstep DJ’s hit single: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67qworViFpY


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