Netflix Cancelled One Day at a Time and Fans are Heartbroken


In 2017, Netflix premiered the sitcom One Day at a Time and it stole the hearts of fans instantly. It portrayed the life of a Latinx family in today’s current society. This past week, Netflix has decided not to renew the show for a 4th season. Fans have voiced their anger, disappointment and sadness all over social media and had #RenewODAAT trending worldwide. Fans are heartbroken over this news and are hopeful that a network will pick up the show so these incredible stories can continue to be told.


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One Day at a Time was filled with humor, pain, love and tears. It was easy to emotionally connect and relate to most of the characters, and many people saw themselves represented in ways like never before. The show explores the serious topics of depression, PTSD, and substance abuse within characters who are loveable despite their mistakes and struggles. As a veteran Penelope is seen fighting her battle with PTSD and struggles with her ex-husband refusing to get help and turning to substances for relief.


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Sexuality and consent is another area of representation that the show got right. The hardships with coming out were displayed beautifully in all aspects of Elena’s story, but there was a strong focus on the positive as well. Shierden Pierce plays Elena’s significant other, Syd. Syd is a non-binary individual who uses the pronouns they/them. Having gender identity represented in this way is so important. Elena’s relationship with Syd was not only respectful, but they stressed the importance of consent, being honest, and trusting your partner before becoming intimate. As someone who is a part of the LGBT community, having a healthy teen couple like these two represented on TV is inspiring. It is amazing seeing young people who are confident in their identities represented in the media. The amazing chemistry these two have is simply just a plus!


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Additionally, the show touches on the inequalities between men and women, racism, and immigration. As a family from Cuba, the Alvarez’s have had their fair share of discrimination, and the writers have not let us down when it comes to being sure that their voices are heard. Every character has their voice heard at some point, and their stories are all unique.


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One Day at a Time is a fan and family favorite, and while the Alvarez’s may have their fair share of issues, at the end of the day they love each other deeply. They show us that family isn’t all about blood, and that you stand up for and stick by the people that you love. If you need a show that will make you laugh and cry, go watch seasons 1-3 on Netflix and join the fight to getting the show a new home!