"My Dear Melancholy," Album Review

It has been a good week for all of us Abel lovers out there. On March 29th, The Weeknd dropped a new 6 song EP titled “My Dear Melancholy,” and it has us all in our FEELS wondering who hurt us. It is safe to say that this album is without a doubt a break-up album as The Weeknd has suffered a lot of heartbreak last year with splits from both Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez. It reminds me of The Weeknd’s style prior to his Starboy album, deep, dark, and beautiful. This album is much more, dare I say it, melancholy than the last, but it is refreshing to have an album speak about something we all go through.



Call Out My Name

The first track on the album “Call Out My Name” sets the tone for the album. It is an intense ballad about not wanting to lose someone. This one is almost too obvious about Selena as The Weeknd says, “I said I didn't feel nothing, baby but I lied/ I almost cut a piece of myself for your life/Guess I was just another pit stop /'Til you made up your mind/ You just wasted my time” The line about cutting a piece of my life almost makes me wonder if Abel tried to give Selena his kidney as she needed a transplant recently. He also appears to be hurting that he was a pit stop until she made up her mind.. sounds like a Jelena dig if you ask me. Either way, I can’t get enough of this song. It is so real, raw, and beautiful, and is definitely a favorite of mine.

Try Me

Though none of the songs on this album are anywhere near upbeat, “Try Me” is definitely is less somber than the others. The Weeknd is desperately wishing someone would call him back as he belts “Can you try me?” This also isn’t as lyrically obvious as the previous, but I love the ambiguity the song portrays.


Wasted Times

In unison with “Try Me”, “Wasted Times” is also on the less somber side, but yet still dark. That is one my favorite things about Abel. He is able to take something so deep and personal and turn into an absolute jam for those days when you’re in your feels. “Wasted Time” is about exactly as it sounds and my guess is another song about Selena. He says, “And now I'm askin' /who do you belong to now?/ Who you give that love to now?” Again, it seems like Selena was battling between Abel and Justin, yet Abel feel victim to the broken heart here.


I Was Never There - Gesaffelstein

“I Was Never There” is one of the darkest songs on the album, and displays a powerful emotion through minimal lyrics, which is both beautiful and unique. The Weeknd sings about a relationship in where he feels almost as if he was never there because the person makes him feel like he didn’t matter. I know this is corny, but Abel, you matter to us, the fans!


Hurt You - Gesaffelstein

“Hurt You” is one of the most intense songs on the EP. The Weeknd talks about a failed relationship in where the woman sees other men to fill “her void” from Abel and he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. Now this story may or may not be true, but similar to “Wasted Times” the minimal lyrics tell a deep, dark story.



They always say save the best for last and I believe The Weeknd did exactly that. “Privilege” is the shortest song on the album yet successfully makes me feel the most melancholy. In this ballad he begs someone to go “live their privileged life” even though he took care of this person through their suffering. My guess again is Selena Gomez.


Overall, I am extremely impressed with this EP. Though it is deep, dark, and depressing, Abel turned some of the most painful moments in the last year and turned it into a masterpiece for all of to cry to and to relate to when we go through dark times. I can’t wait to see what The Weeknd releases next.