LM5 Review

On Friday November 16th, Little Mix dropped their fifth album and Mixers everywhere couldn’t wait to listen, myself included. They decided to name the album “LM5” after their Mixers who always identify their albums with an era, which they stated in the post below.


The deluxe version of LM5 comes with 18 tracks including collaborations with Nicki Minaj and Cheat Codes, just to name a few. The album speaks volumes about female empowerment, self-confidence, relationships & break-ups, and of course, loving the skin you’re in no matter what.


This album is much different than their other albums, and you can tell they are not afraid to speak up for what they believe in. Little Mix has always encouraged others with their music, but this album I truly felt like the most confident, badass version of myself when I listened to it for the first time… and the 85 other times.


1. The National Manthem

“The National Manthem” is a 30 second introduction the the album. Normally, I skip these introduction type songs, but I wish “The National Manthem” was a full song in itself. Their vocals are strong and powerful. Who knew a 30 second song could be so empowering?


2. Woman Like Me (feat. Nicki Minaj)

“Woman Like Me” was released as a single prior to the album dropping, and Mixers have been belting it since the day it came out. This song is all about celebrating women and showing other women they're not alone, girl power is always on your side. I’m also a huge Nicki fan, so this collaboration was a dream come true.


3. Think About Us

“Think About Us” is an absolute jam. On this track, they speak about a jealous relationship and wanting to be the only thing on someone’s mind even with other people around. This song has an amazing beat, making it not only fun to sing, but dance to as well.


4. Strip (feat. Sharaya J)

“Strip” is one of my favorites on the album. This song is the ultimate self-love anthem as they sing about loving your own skin and not caring what anyone else thinks of you. Little Mix just released a music video for this track, and I truly think this song is one of their best of all time.


5. Monster In Me

Now of course we love the dance tracks, but a Little Mix album wouldn’t be complete without a heartfelt ballad. “Monster in Me” is about a toxic relationship you keep going back to. Though it isn’t one of my favorite tracks, it is a real issue a lot of women face, and I give Little Mix credit for making such an incredible song to capture the feeling.


6. Joan of Arc

“Joan of Arc” just might be one of my favorite Little Mix songs of all time. If you are in need of a confidence boost, drop what you’re doing and listen to this song! This song speaks on being a strong, independent, and sexy woman who doesn’t need a man. Belting this song unleashes my inner badass I didn’t even know I had.



7. Love A Girl Right

“Love A Girl Right” reminds me of an old song and I can't think of what song it is, but it has an early 2000's vibe and I absolutely love it. This track is about exactly what it sounds like, you better treat a girl right, or you’re going to lose her! I love that little mix always encourages knowing your self-worth.

8. American Boy

“American Boy” tells the tale of another love story. It’s a super enjoyable track that’s flirty, and an overall feel-good song that’s fun to sing and dance to.


9. Told You So

“Told You So” is the perfect ballad to listen to when you need a good cry over someone who broke your heart. Just like Little Mix is always there for each other, this song is about how your girls will always have your back and will never say “I told you so.” This is one of my favorite slower songs on the album.

10. Wasabi

“Wasabi” is another one of my absolute favorites. This track is about not letting other people’s words tear you down, but make you stronger, and it has such an electric, vogue-like, dance vibe. Listening to it makes me feel like a total boss babe who can do anything.


11. More Than Words (feat. Kamille)

“More Than Words” is one of the more the powerful tracks on the album with a hard-hitting beat. It speaks about someone who has been there for you through the toughest times, and is one of my favorites on the album.



12. Motivate

On this track, the girls sing about someone that motivates them when it comes to love. “Motivate” is that feel-good track that makes you want to get up and dance.


13. Notice

“Notice” is one track on the album that I do like, but it doesn’t stand out to me as much as others. They sing about getting all dressed up for a boy, all for him not to notice. In the past, Little Mix has always eluded to sex, whereas now they are very clear in this track, showing their sound is maturing and they’re speaking their minds fully.

14. The Cure

“The Cure” is another one of my favorites on the album. This song is something I think everyone can relate to in someway. We’ve all made mistakes, we’ve all been a little lost, but we push through and it always gets better, we find "the cure".  

15. Forget You Not

“Forget You Not” is another one of those tracks that I enjoy, but it doesn’t stand out to me amongst the other tracks. Here, the band sings about a love they’ll never forget, and though I don’t listen to it as often, it’s still a fun, upbeat jam!


16. Woman’s World

“Woman’s World” is one of the most powerful songs on the album in my opinion. It, like the title implies, is about what it’s like living in today’s society as a woman. This song is so important and I love that Little Mix are always encouraging women to stick together.


17. The Cure (Stripped)

Though I never listen to stripped versions of songs much, I love that Little Mix chose to strip “The Cure.” It makes the already incredible song so much more raw and emotional, and you can really hear their amazing vocals shine through here.  

18. Only You (feat. Cheat Codes)

Even though this song has been out for a while, I like that Little Mix chose to end the album with “Only You.” Of course working with Cheat Codes, the song has a fantastic beat to accompany it, and overall gives off a fun, feel-good vibe when listening to it.


I’ve been a fan of Little Mix since 2012 and their music has always been such a positive influence in my life, always encouraging me to love myself, and inspiring me to find ways to support other women as much as I can. I think LM5 might just be my favorite album they’ve ever done. Go listen to it if you haven’t already, I promise you won’t be disappointed!