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A Little Recap on the ‘This Is Us’ Season Finale



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Corn sandwiches. That’s all I have to say.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Jack Pearson any more than I already do, he just had to go and be, well, Jack Pearson. Between his cooking skills (or lack of), and his car engine analogies when talking about his beloved wife and kids, the Jack Pearson magic really pulled through in the finale. I forgot how much I missed him honestly (since he hasn’t been on the last few episodes) and just how much we all need a Jack in our lives.

Kevin deserves better. There I said it.

Don’t get me wrong, I was really rooting for him and Zoe this whole season, but Kevin Pearson needs to be a father. Seriously, someone give this man, kids please. Especially, after that wonderful fatherly advice that he gave his niece during her identity crisis. I’m positive Jack would’ve been really proud of that one. I’m really excited honestly to see if the writers will actually introduce a new love interest for Kevin, who will evidently end up being the mother of his children- or simply leave us to fill in the gaps. Will Sophie make a comeback? Will she be the mother of the “mini Kevin” who made an appearance in the end of the episode?


Randall and Beth. Endgame.

I swear, if Beth and Randall ended up getting divorced in the future, I probably would have stopped watching the show altogether. (Okay, maybe not, but i definitely would’ve left an angry comment on their Instagram page about it). These two are the glue the holds this show together. Every time these two were shown apart, I just wanted to fast forward through the whole thing and get to the happy ending. Which is exactly what I got in the last two minutes of the episode luckily. All I can say is, bless Deja and her debate team. She really went all Randall Pearson- on Randall Pearson. An elderly Randall and Beth hugging each other in Kevin’s future home was probably the best thing to come out of this finale.


Even though I, like many, am left with so many unanswered questions like what is Rebecca Pearson’s faith? Or, do Toby and Kate have as happy of a marriage as every other married couple on the show? I am just really happy that someone else on this planet used to eat 100% corn sandwiches as a kid.  

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