A Letter: To The Girl Who Is Confused

Dear friend,

As I sit and write to the ones who are confused, I can’t help but think of my own experiences. It feels like a never ending battle with your brain, pondering over where to go, which direction to take, and who to listen to. Your brain is telling you one thing, but the world another, it never ends.

I’ve been confused about many things for a long time. I never know what is actually true of me. Though I don’t have many friends or many opinions, I feel as though different ones are breathing down my neck haphazardly. The brain goes on overload and you eventually break down because you don’t know what else to do.

Friend, if there’s one thing I can tell you, it’s to step back and look at the big picture. Sure, you may be confused about everything from sexuality to what to eat for breakfast, but step back and take in the view. Let it sink deep into your bones that you are you, and there’s only one of you. Take into consideration your friends, even if it’s only a few, your family, even your pets. Look at the clothes you have on and the way your hair is styled and think “Wow, I did that.”

Even if you are confused like me, it’s going to be okay. You’re still young and you have time. Friend, you are so bright, so beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be sure of one thing, that you are you, and no one is as good a you as you are.



The girl who wants you to know