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Lazy Girl’s Guide to Skin Care


1. Stay Hydrated

This may sound unimportant, but the best thing one can do for their skin is to simply drink more water! Hydration is so important to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant without having to spend time and energy on multiple creams and moisturizers.   


2. Keep your Makeup Wipes in your Nightstand

Everyone gets lazy when they are all cozied in bed watching tv on netflix, and makes the number one skincare don’t: forgetting to take off their makeup. It’s okay we have all been there! Keeping your makeup wipes next to your bed will make it easier to quickly rub off your makeup before bed so you can skip the slept in makeup face, and avoid clogging your pores.


3. Add a Cleanser to your Shower Routine

I know who has time or the energy to cleanse your face everyday? It gets really hard to take time for your skin when you have a full class schedule, extracurriculars, an internship, sports, or a job on your plate; however, simply putting a cleanser into the shower will make it so much easier to add it to a routine, and your skin will for sure be grateful!

4. Get fun + Interesting masks

Masks, while they are awesome for your skin and totally customizable to every skin issue can be kind of a pain! Buying fun like a cat shaped sheet mask will surely motivate you to use them, or simply trying an overnight mask can get you to sneak them into your skincare routine!


5. Try a Daily Vitamin

Instead of buying multiple different products that we all know we will be too lazy to use everyday, try taking a daily vitamin!

Lexi is a senior brand marketing student at Suffolk University with a passion for fashion, art, and photography. She is the Social Media Director and Events Coordinator for Her Campus Suffolk and the VP of PR & Recruitment of her sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha Iota Alpha. 
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