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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Suffolk chapter.

Halloween is viewed largely all over north American countries and overall, is a pretty big deal. However, we learn that this is not exactly the case in the 33 countries that compose the region. Rather, many groups have a different take on the holiday, and there are reasons it may not be as important in these areas of the world. But are the similarities and differences to the spooky holiday?

In Latin America, most of the catholic population lives. This has led to the older generations and even these days people having certain beliefs surrounding the holiday. Some think of it as a holiday that is pagan, and scary and because of superstitions, their perspective is against it. The younger generation feels very differently about the holiday and is more welcoming to the strange, unique holiday from the North.  One of the reasons why the younger folk might be attracted is because of the creepy but fun mythical legend tales that get told to young children. Although they differ, these have made creepy fun stories which are just one aspect of Halloween in young Latin Americans’ lives. So, after all, north and south America, have more in common than we care to notice. 

In some countries, there are other holidays they hold in the same way Northern Americans hold Halloween. Although they are different, they have similar aspects and some differences. The first one would be El Día de Los Muertos it’s roots started from the Aztecs and it became a national holiday for Mexico. Now in total 10 Latin American countries also partake in viewing the holiday. It is mostly a day to celebrate and be reminded of your dead relatives in small or big ways. A common thing that Latin American people do is set up an altar or bring offerings to the dead.  That is, of course, just one of the many ways that people choose to connect or remember their loved ones that have passed.   

Another big holiday is All Saint’s Day which is hugely celebrated throughout Latin America. Foremost I would like to state that there are some links that Halloween has with All Saints. Their name seems to be similar but Halloween comes from a Christian background. Meanwhile, All Saints has ties to Catholic and Christian denominations and the branch of religion. During the holiday they bring food, music, and drinks and socialize while remembering the dead.  

Those are the two main holidays that are similar, but also different in their way from Halloween. However, Northern traditions also moved through people to Latin America, and some do choose to celebrate Halloween from what they have learned.  This Halloween, remember to check out or try to learn about Latin American traditions or holidays!

I'm a freshman at Suffolk University majoring in Public Relations(PR). I'm Salvadorian and was born and raised there during my childhood years. Topics and beliefs that interest me are pop culture and also women's rights. That is because the influences that come from the mainstream hold weight in our values and morals but it’s entertaining as well. As for women's rights, I just find it important for one to advocate for oneself and also for other women because we are all in this together.