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Katie Babb ’14


Katie Babb is a strong and dedicated student. She is able to juggle school, work, clubs, and sports in a very efficient way. Katie is a fun-loving person who always looks at the positive side of things. She has a plethora of opportunities coming in her near post-graduate future.

Name: Katie Babb

Age: 22

Major: Public relations, minoring in marketing

Hometown: Manchester, New Hampshire

Year: Senior

Ellie: Why did you choose Suffolk University?

Katie: The reason I chose Suffolk University was because they gave me a substantial amount of financial aid. Then, when I adjusted to the school, I realized that Suffolk was the perfect fit for me. It was perfect because of all the connections I made and all the friendships I developed.

Ellie: What organizations are you a part of at Suffolk?

Katie: I am a part of Theta Phi Alpha (former President), a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and Captain of the volleyball team. I am also on the Senior Week Committee, Senior Gift Committee, a member of the Journey program (Level 4), and the Career Development Advisory.

Ellie: What are some of your favorite memories while being a part of these organizations?

Katie: Theta Phi Alpha is definitely plays a large role in all my memories from college. Being a part of something for four years is amazing; from being a scared freshman, to a senior who is about to graduate. Throughout the years in Theta Phi Alpha I have gained an amazing group of friends. For volleyball, it is the same. Even with all the ups and downs, from loses to wins, it was nice to get through these things with my teammates.

Ellie: Why did you decide to be apart of the Suffolk volleyball team, and what position did you play?

Katie: I am a middle blocker, and I have been playing volleyball since 7th grade. I love the rush you get from playing. Some of the people I have met from different teams throughout the years have become some of my best friends.

Ellie: Do you take part in any internships?

Katie: Right now I am working at LEWIS PR and as a public relations intern. I draft and edit press material, and I also do a lot of social media work for clients. I interned at UCG marketing last semester as a brand awareness intern, and all last summer I worked for Regan Communications Group as a public relations intern. I drafted and edited press materials, as well as pitched to local and national media publications.

Ellie: What is one of your fondest memories from college?

Katie: Studying abroad, duh! I went to Regent’s University in London. It is an unreal experience; it is like living in a fake world. Being able to travel the world and learn about different cultures is insane, especially how they believe in only having classes Monday through Wednesday. I went to 14 different countries while I was there. One of the scariest things that happened was being abroad and getting hurt. I went to visit my friend in Madrid, and I fell off a stage and dislocated my knee.

Ellie: What is a tip you would want younger students to know?

Katie: Getting involved is the best thing you can do at Suffolk. It is such a unique school and there are so many different opportunities to choose from. Then being able to click with the other people in the groups is truly amazing. These are the opportunities that no one should miss out on.

Ellie: What is one thing you love to treat yourself to?

Katie: I love to treat myself to a spa day: manicure/pedicure. There is nothing like a good massage and feeling like a woman. I feel unstoppable with a French manicure.

Ellie: Anything else you would like to add?

Katie: I wouldn’t have had the amazing experiences I have had at this school if it weren’t for the incredible people I have met along the way.

Ellie Hawkins is a graduate of Suffolk University. She received a BA with Magna Cum Laude honors in print journalism. Ellie is an alumni of Theta Phi Alpha-Gamma Lambda chapter. During her time at Suffolk she was involved with The Suffolk Journal and the Journey Program. Journey is a leadership program that focuses on four focal points: leadership training, involvement, career exploration and service. She volunteered at the Paulist Center Soup kitchen and is still doing so today. Ellie recently went to El Salvador, in January, to help with Habitat for Humanity through her schools Alternative Winter Break program. Ellie enjoys photography, skiing, golf, and watching movies in her free time. Ellie is fortunate enough to live in one of the best cities in the world: Boston. This city provides her with many opportunities from having a marketing internship at the Franklin Park Zoo to taking long walks on the Charles river and exploring the city. She also had the opportunity to study abroad in Madrid in the summer of 2013 at the other Suffolk University location. My dream job is to either travel while writing about the different experiences I have or have a job at Discovery Communications in the PR department.
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