Instagram Tips and Tricks

1. Don’t be afraid to be YOURSELF

The best, most creative and authentic content comes from letting go of your insecurities, and showing everyone your true self! Something that is real and honest will always inspire others and allow your followers to relate to you.


2. Try creating a theme

Making your gram aesthetically pleasing will give you that extra boost you were searching for! Theme’s can include using certain filters or creating presets to give each post the same look, setting color schemes, or even an overall message for all content! Using a planning app has also been really helpful to be able to see how your photos will look next to each other before posting it, so you can test out different options to create the most cohesive theme! Some apps I love using are Planoly and Color Story!


3. Pay attention to analytics

Checking out the numbers behind your account can give you really helpful insights as to what your followers like the most, and when they are on social media the most.


4. Be consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to building a following and growing your page! Setting a schedule can help establish a set flow like posting once or twice a week as well as keeping up with stories.


5. Get creative with your edits

Instagram is always constantly evolving so it is important that your feed mirrors that same attitude! Trying out different edits and techniques will give your feed a stronger look and make people want to see more! Going beyond filters has been a new trick, as incorporating and using photoshop in fun ways can make your media more exciting! Try adding some stars or a quote onto your photo, or frame your picture with a Polaroid!