How to Mend a Broken Heart:It's a Process, but it's Possible!

Oscar Wilde once said, “the heart was made to be broken,” but he never did give advice on how to heal the pain. Mending a broken heart is a process, and while the steps to this process are easier said than done, you can get through it! So prepare to read, reflect, watch The Notebook and eat gallons of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Step One: Reconciliation?As the infamous fashion guru, Tim Gunn, says, “Make It Work!” Can the relationship be salvaged? Ask yourself this initially, before you start picking up the pieces. It’s not ideal to “move on” with someone else, and then find yourself still in love with your ex. If you’re in this position between a rock and a hard place, the cliché movie plots won’t work out for you in the end. Try to see if the relationship can be saved before you do anything drastic. Try CPR! Bring it back to life! If your significant other doesn’t want it, then it is time to start moving on without them, for real this time.

Music for reconciliation:Start Over”- Beyonce.

Step Two: Sweet Release. After a break up you will still have a lot of anchoring emotions, such as anger, guilt, sadness, hatred, pain, and frustration with yourself and your ex. Before you do anything else to get over the breakup, you need to get these feelings out. Whether you’re talking directly to your ex (not likely advised right after a break up), friends, or journal, or simply working out and blaring music in your room, let the emotions out! The release of emotions that are pent up after your heart is broken is therapeutic; you can’t get better if all you feel is anger, sadness and pain. Dance to sad songs like a fool in your room while no one is watching. Join a kick boxing class, and pummel things without running the risk of getting in trouble. Scream into your pillow! Honestly, this is one of the best steps, it will involve hours crying and yelling as you watch romantic movies, shoveling as much junk food to your hips and thighs as you can.

Helpful Tip:Aggressive exercising will help you out more than you think, don’t go causing a scene in public. When you are in the privacy of your own room, scream and punch pillows like a madwoman, or dance like your life depended on it. Your frustration will soon start to melt away.

Step Three: Keeping Busy. After releasing the pain and emotions, you have to start keeping yourself busy. If you’re not, curiosities about your ex will begin to creep into your head, and you will start to feel overwhelmed with the thought that you need them back in your life. If you keep busy these feelings that will start to subside, and you will be able to think about your ex without being angry or lonely. This is the perfect time to pick up a hobby and keep yourself busy. No need to double dip in old salsa, so do something until the craving for moldy food, in other words, your ex, is gone!

New Activity: Crocheting or knitting. These types of projects take up a lot of time. And though this may seem old maid style, it will help you create new, trendy, hand made things unique for yourself!