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Megan Charles

How to make the most of Pisces season

As the sun moved into Pisces on Friday, it began the end of the astrological calendar. As the last of the 12 zodiac signs, Pisces is a gentle and nurturing sign to end the year with as it brings intuition and guidance into our lives. During this time, there is a great amount of healing energy that can be used to process and move forward from events that have occurred throughout the year. The full moon in Virgo on February 27 will be a comforting and healing day to find emotional clarity. You may find your feelings to be grounded and supported by your intuition.

To break down Pisces, it is also important to reflect on the symbolism of the sign. It is represented by two fish swimming in a constant motion around each other. This signifies the duality of the sign, the push and pull of opposing forces that can be dreaminess versus rationality, feeling versus thinking, or any other combination of opposites. This month, use the sun in Pisces to gain perspective on both sides and utilize its duality to move forward with new plans with fresh insight and intuition.

Pisces is the most romantic of the water signs, so as Venus moves into Pisces on February 25th be open to the energy that may promote emotional availability and tenderness. As it is a water sign, there is already an inclination for strong emotions, and on this day you may feel a pull towards your softer side.

During this time, Mercury will end its retrograde and the muddled feelings you may have felt over the last month will diminish. Pisces will bring clarity and inspiration, so if you have been waiting to start a new project, begin it during this time of strong creative energy. Pisces will end on the vernal equinox in March and new coming springtime will arrive in the power of Aries. Begin the new astrological year with imaginative ideas and take action as the sun moves into a fire sign bringing motivation and passion.

Take the next month to reflect on aspects of your life, whether it be spiritual, academic, romantic, or anything where you have faced conflict in the last year. How have you grown from it and where do you need to heal? What do you want the new astrological year to hold for you? Pisces season is all about introspection and dreaming, it is a time to find out what you want your life to be like, and how you can achieve it.

Megan Charles

Savannah Johnson is a freshman studying English and Psychology. She is originally from Connecticut, but has found her place in the city of Boston. She also enjoys reading, writing, and late night trips on the T.
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