How to Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget

Decorating your house for the holidays is the best way to spread your festive cheer, but holiday decorations can get a little pricey at times espcically for a college student. The expense of holiday decorations can put a damper on your holiday cheer, so here are the top 5 ways to get your house Mariah Carey approved without breaking the bank!

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1. Paper-Made Decorations

If it worked for Buddy the Elf, it'll work for you! Everyone has made paper snowflakes back in elementary school, so why not bring back that childish fun while decorating your house! Making paper snowflakes or any other paper decoration is a fun activity to do with friends while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate.

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2. The Target Dollar Section

Everyone who goes into a Target always leaves with stuff they didn't need, and that stuff usually comes from the iconic dollar section. During the holidays, Target puts amazing things in the dollar section and you can find anything from mini Christmas trees to string lights that will bring the Christmas cheer into your home!

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3. Make do with what you have Do you only have boring, everyday items laying around your house? Well they can become your new holiday decorations, even if they look ridiculous! From repurposing candles to painting old tires, repurposing everyday things into holiday decorations will be fun, festive and extremely funny!

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4. Solo Cup Decorations

It is a well-known that all college students 100% have solo cups in their kitchen cabinets so why not use some of those cups for holiday decorations! You can make anything from Christmas trees to wreaths or paint them to resemble holiday characters like Rudolph or Frosty the Snowman!

How to make a Red Solo Cup Christmas Wreath. Fun DIY idea for a Very Tacky Christmas Party or Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

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5. Gift Wrapping Doors

Want something simple and not time consuming? Wrap your doors in wrapping paper for a quick and fun way to decorate your apartment! You can either just do the classic present cross ribbon or completely wrap your door in your favorite wrapping paper you find at your local Dollar Tree, but no matter how you wrap it, your door will 100% be perfect for spreading holiday cheer!

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