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Holiday Drinking Games (21+)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Suffolk chapter.

For my friends aged 21 and older, looking forward to the holidays also means looking forward to festive drinks. Eggnog, apple cider, and wine have their own food group when it comes to this time of the year. To make your holiday a little more interesting, here are some holiday drinking games to celebrate the upcoming New Year with your friends and family!


1. Drunk Jenga

The best gatherings have games, so why not get crafty! Take a classic game of Jenga and add some twists, all you need a sharpie! The same rules as the classic game apply, and then some. Guys drink, girls drink, everyone drinks; each piece has a rule! Be the one who knocks it down and finish your drink!


2. Santa’s Hat

It’s pretty simple: You find a Santa Hat and put it on the corner of your TV. Every time the hat lines up to be on someone’s head, DRINK! Movie night with your fellow elves just got a little more festive.


3. Lifetime Movie Night

Everyone knows Lifetime’s best movies are the ones they set during the holidays. So when your family snuggles up for some quality family bonding, break out this guide.


4. Home Alone Drinking Game

Everyone loves a classic!


5. Buzzfeed Drinking Game

Thanks to BuzzFeed, you and your older cousins can now turn your family party in the game of the season. Drink every time one of the following:


  1. Someone tries to save discarded wrapping paper
  2. Someone shakes a gift
  3. For every visible Santa hat in the room
  4. A debate breaks out over when to open presents
  5. Some gets passive-aggressive
  6. Someone says that the presents are too pretty to open
  7. Someone doesn’t understand what their gift is
  8. Someone makes a creepy reference to being “naughty or nice”
  9. Someone clearly fakes liking their present
  10. Someone tells you you’re getting coal
  11. Someone gets packaging rage from an impossible-to-open plastic clamshell
  12. Someone starts crying (CHUG)
  13. If its after 3pm and you’re still wearing your pajamas (CHUG)
  14. A child warms everyone’s heart
  15. A child annoys everyone (CHUG)



The Holiday season is arguably the best time of the year (but let’s be honest, the Holidays will always win that argument). While it’s vital to make the best of the time and the company you surround yourself with, be sure to make sure everyone is safe and responsible.  Have fun, drink responsibly, and happy holidays!