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On His Grind: Jake Domos, CEO Grinders Inc

Name: Jake Domos
Academic Year: Freshman
Business: Grinders inc.

“I wanted to create more than just a name, so I created a lifestyle,” young entrepreneur and owner of clothing company, Grinders Inc., Jake Domos confidently stated. With a strong influence by the everyday grind, Jake started off by putting one thousand dollars into making t-shirts. Who knew that doing this would grow into something so much bigger, and one day Jake would own his very own company.

Understandably, Jake is extremely proud of his impressive business. Only a freshman at Suffolk, this industrial, motivated student is definitely on the right path to success: “The Grinders movement has been constantly growing and it’s fun to be a part of.”

Jake describes his entrepreneurial status as something that has become a part of who he is. When he began the business, he obviously knew little about being an owner of a clothing company. From then on, his wisdom grew exceptionally, and he ended up learning so much more than he ever would have expected. Jake’s long-term goal for Grinders Inc. is to take it one step at a time, improving his business every day. He knows for a fact that, “Someday it will be about the money, but right now it is about creating something of my own, something I made.”

The Inside Scoop…getting personal with Jake & Grinders:
Me:What is your favorite clothing item that you have designed?
Jake:My very first shirt was absolutely my favorite. It was a hockey themed shirt and was called the “Dump ‘n’ Change.”  It was about changing partners in your relationship. I actually sold more to girls than I did to guys…weird. My new hoodies are extremely SWAG though.

Me:Who is your targeted customer?
Jake:My clothes are mainly directed towards all men and women. I have a new spring line-up where I am planning on dropping girls yoga pants, tanks, and shorts. Our men’s inventory will include board shorts, crewnecks and new hats. Our new line-up is going to be amazing. Hopefully some life changing stuff…
Me:If you could choose someone famous to model and represent your clothing line, who would it be?
Jake:If I could have a celebrity wearing my gear, it would be Jay-Z. He has such an influence on the fashion industry, and is a “Grinder” to the core. If I had to choose a woman I would pick Mila Kunis. She is just so ridiculously beautiful it’s absurd.
Me:In your opinion, which celebrity out there has the best style?
Jake:Pharrell. Hands down. He not only is a legend in the music game, but he has completely driven the progressive fashion industry. His influence on Karmaloop is amazing to see.
Me:Tell me a little bit about yourself: hobbies/interests/fun facts?
Jake:I have the most amazing family! We are such a tight group and I am lucky enough to have two beautiful older sisters to look up to. I am a hockey player, wake-boarder, and love art! I have built a nice collection of art from friends of mine. Personal creativity intrigues me. I love music, my dog, and tattoos. I also have a deep connection with Sperry Top-Sliders…too fresh.
Me:What are the highlights of your Suffolk experience?
Jake:The connections that you make everyday are crazy. You never know whom you may be standing next to, so I try to start a conversation with everyone I meet. I love the energy of Boston. Every day I am driven to own one of those rooftop apartments in the Back Bay. My friend is a hip-hop producer, (Oscar Stoltz aka @Dj_Polosocks aka Obeatz the Beatsmith)(P.S Ladies Oscar was also Campus Cutie a couple of week ago! Check him out HERE... reppin grinders of course) and doing homework to him creating beats is definitely my favorite activity.

Jake, your business is incredibly cool.  You’re an inspiration and motivator to every young college student!  Be sure to check out Jake and Grinders at Onyourgrind.com.  And of course, keep on Grindin’!

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