Harry Styles: Live On Tour Review


Summer is the best time of year because that’s when all the best performers go on tour and put on the best performances you’ve ever seen. Now this past summer I had the privilege of seeing the amazing, talented, show-stopping, Harry Styles. As a devoted Harry Styles fan, I went to both nights he performed at Madison Square Garden, and even considered flying to Colorado but my bank account shut that down immediately, but both shows were so iconic that I would travel the entire world to see that ray of sunshine again.

The first night at MSG was one event after the next. From spending over $120 on merch, he needs the money don’t judge me, to discovering how close my seat was to the stage, I needed a paper bag to breathe into before he even got on stage. After Kacey Musgraves, the opening act, performed her set, it was all a waiting game for Harry. As soon as they lowered the 360 screen and played the iconic rubix cube animation, that’s when the mania really set in because I knew that it was only going to be a couple of minutes before he would be on stage. When the lights turned off and the opening notes to “Only Angel” played, the entire arena erupted in screams as the screen slowly rose up to reveal Harry. After performing a couple of songs on the main stage, Harry made his way down the catwalk and moved to the B Stage, which was right by me. This part of the concert was such an intimate moment throughout the entire concert not only because he played more soft songs like Sweet Creature and If I Could Fly, but because of how connected he was with the entire arena. Despite the sweet, intimate moment Harry created during this time, I was too busy having a manic episode over the fact that he was almost 3 feet away from me and I couldn’t believe that I was that close to someone who means the world to me and who I’ve spent thousands of dollars on, once again not my fault he needs the money. After playing bop after bop with such passion, I had no idea how he would top his performance the next night. When I got home from the concert I literally could not fall asleep because I was so excited to go back and experience the “Harry Styles: Live on Tour Experience” all over again.

Night two was just as iconic as night one. Between the loud screams of dedicated fans, Harry’s vibrant blue suit and electric performance, there was no way Harry could top either performances. That was, until he brought out his opening act, Kacey Musgraves, for a surprise performance of Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One”, a song I’ve loved ever since I was a kid. This surprise performance caught everyone off guard and I think there was a huge collective mix of happy and overwhelmed tears before, during and after this performance because honestly, we could not believe how many times Harry had blessed us that night.

After two nights in a row of Harry Styles, i was highly considering dropping out of school and traveling the rest of the US to see Harry perform his US leg of his tour, but once again my bank account turned that idea down real quick. Overall, these two nights were the best concerts of my life, and I’m not just saying that because I’ve basically devoted my entire life to Harry Styles. Between his eclectic musical choices ranging from old-school rock to soft ballads mixed with his electric personality and performance, created an atmosphere that I wanted to experience for the rest of my life.