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Harney and Sons Top Ten Teas


My obsession with Harney and Sons Tea began my Sophomore year of High School, when my mother and I took an unforgettable trip to England. We wanted to get tea, but were unknowing in the ways of teas. Luckily, we happen to grab my now all time favorite tea, Harney and Sons teas. After some trial and error this is my top ten list of Harney and Sons Teas.



10) Lemon Herbal


Herbal teas have never been my personal favorite, but if I was drinking one it would be this one. The perfect tea for when your ill, it is light yet fragret. Obviously lemon is star of this tea. Also a good bedtime tea as it is decaffeinated.


9) Gunpowder Green

A true classic. This green tea is a Chinese tea with tightly rolled green tea leave. It is a great tea to drink first thing in the morning. If you like green tea, this is green is green tea in its purest form.


8) Irish Breakfast


The first of many black teas on this list. Irish Breakfast tea is made with Assam tea leave which is a tea leaf that grows in Assam, India. Obviously a great morning tea it is especially complementary with milk and sugar.


7) Bangkok Green Tea


Another green tea. This tea is a flavored green tea, so very different than Gunpowder. Along with the tea leaves this tea is flavored with lemongrass, vanilla, coconut, and ginger. This gives this tea a bit more while staying light. This tea is great for a midday pick me up.


6) White Peach Matcha



Matcha teas have been stepping into the spotlight as of late. I have not spent much time with matcha tea but this one is delicious. The light pear flavor is the true star of this tea and it’s never tastes artificial or overwhelming.


5) Wedding Tea



The only white tea on the list, it is a soft floral tea with vanilla accents. I first had this tea at my cousin’s wedding and it is a great tea to calm the nerves of such a stressful day.


4) Victorian London Fog


My latest tea purchase is this wonderful tea. A combination of black and oolong tea leaves it is a different take on a very classic tea. It also incorporates bergamot oil, lavender, and vanilla giving it a sweet, unique flavor.


3) Midsummer’s Peach


This tea is as sweet as can be. It is also decaffeinated. In the summer it can be too hot to reach for my classic hot teas. This black tea is the perfect iced tea for those warm summer days. The green teas are also good in iced form but this is the only black tea I’ve enjoyed iced.


2) Earl Grey Imperial

When in doubt I go for Earl Grey tea. It is such a classic tea that never fails to impress. Though Harney and Sons has many Earl Greys this is my favorite. It is blended for a stronger taste with hints of citrus. It has body without being overpowering and has been a great morning or midday blend for me for a while.


1) Royal Palace


The tea that started it all. It is a blended black tea with hints of grapefruit. This has been my holy grail tea for years and it truly delicious at any time of the day. It is a good stand alone tea but becomes unbeatable with a splash of milk and sugar.


Tea is truly a personal preference kind of thing. I hope this list helps peak interest or serve as a guide in your tea adventure!


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