Grey’s Anatomy Couples Ranked



Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for 15 seasons, and last night we went through a whole tissue box crying over the midseason finale. To hold you over in the weeks during this break, let’s reflect on the worst to best couples that have been on the show thus far.




10. Cristina Yang and Preston Burke



Burke and Cristina had a steamy start to their relationship with on-call room hookups. Burke brought out a new side to Cristina that was more loving and affectionate. She stepped up to help him after he was shot and had a tremor. While I don’t think that they should have ended up together, most of their relationship was very amusing to see, and gave me hope that Cristina is truly capable of loving someone.


9. George O’Malley and Izzie Stevens



George and Izzie had a complicated relationship. George cheated on his wife, Callie, with her. They had been best friends throughout the entirety of the early seasons, so it wasn’t exactly surprising when these two finally hooked up. It still makes me sad that they didn’t work out. I believe that their strong friendship could have been an amazing foundation for a relationship. It was heartbreaking to see their friendship dizzolve after their romantic relationship ended. George O’Malley deserved better.


8. Amelia Shepherd and Owen Hunt



Amelia is one character on Grey’s that never fails to disappoint me. Her relationship with Owen truly brings out the best in her, and she has grown so much as a person. With Owen she has really been able to open up about her past, which is something she had struggled with previously. Before Grey’s when she was on Private Practice she couldn’t maintain a relationship because of fear. With Owen she really pushes herself to stay with him, and I think that the true love she has for him is one of the most powerful connection this show has.


7. Ben Warren and Miranda Bailey


The current state of this relationship has me in PIECES. Ben brings out such a warm side to Miranda, and the work so well together. Their chemistry is undeniable and patience for eachother is amazing. There are truly there for eachother through all of Ben’s impulsive decisions and career change, as well as Miranda's OCD and heart attack.


6. April Kepner and Jackson Avery

Jackson and April was a couple that was surprisingly pleasant in my eyes. They had so many differences in beliefs and personality, but they came together as a beautiful pair. The love they had for each other was so strong even after they split up, and they truly stepped up to take care of their daughter Harriet. They faced challenges that many couples don’t ever have to face such as losing a child, and dealing with religious differences.


5. Levi Schmidt and Nico Kim



This pairing has had me on the edge of my seat through all of season 15. Jake Borrelli tackled Levi’s coming out flawlessly, and the entire storyline is incredibly heartwarming. Nico’s flirtatious behavior toward the awkward intern we know and love was not only hilarious, but revealed the amazing chemistry the two have. Between their elevator kiss and Levi’s speech in the ambulance, this pairing has worked their way into my heart. While they may not be a “confirmed” couple just yet, I am rooting for them all the way.  


4. Jo Wilson and Alex Karev


As soon as this relationship started I was ecstatic. I loved Jo from the beginning, and Alex truly deserves someone who can love him after his struggles with Izzie and Rebecca. While the two have had their troubles, they managed to find their way back to each other. Alex’s love for Jo is so strong that he couldn’t stand what her past husband had done to her, and wanted to protect her. Unfortunately he took that too far when he hurt Deluca, but after some time apart Jo managed to forgive Alex and they found their way back to each other. The wedding episode is one of my all time favorite Grey’s episodes, and every time I cry many tears of joy.


3. Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey


There are no words for these two. They were dealt a terrible hand when it came to timing, but the chemistry and love these two shared was incredible. Lexie brought out a new side to McSteamy by being the person to make him change his unfaithful ways. It was evident that he loved Lexie more than he had ever loved anyone before. Unfortunately this couple didn’t get the happy ending that they deserved, and Marks final words to Lexie is one of the most heartbreaking moments of the entire series.


2. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd


Who doesn’t love these two? Their chemistry was out of this world, they were truly eachothers one great love. They grew so much together, Meredith truly let Derek in, and the even ended up having an amazing family together. They stood together through all of their rough times, had a long distance relationship when Derek was in DC, and suffered the loss of a lot of loved ones. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of Derek when he had left for DC, I will always wish that they could have had a truly happy ending together with Bailey, Ellis, and Zola.


1. Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres



I will always love how Grey’s tackled Callie’s coming out story line. It was so empowering to grow with this strongly bisexual character, and watch her go through her relationships with Mark, George and Erica. In my opinion, there is no one better for each other than these two. They were so fun and romantic, and supported each other aggressively. Callie stood by Arizona faithfully through the loss of her leg, and Arizona stood by Callie even though Mark got her pregnant while she was away, and raised Sofia with the two as if she was her own. Even through their their multiple separations they always came back together in the end. Even after Arizona had cheated the two tried to work out their differences because of the love that they had for each other. It breaks my heart that their couples therapy was unsuccessful, but I have hope that now that Arizona has gone to New York to be with Sofia, that her and Callie will reconnect and have a beautiful life together.