Get Well Soon Kanye

Kanye did what? It is no secret that Kanye West is quite the controversial artist. Whether it be stealing the mic from Taylor Swift in the middle of her speech at the 2009 VMA’s or screaming at paparazzi, it is obvious that Kanye does what he wants, when he wants, and doesn’t care about the consequences. Recently, Kanye has been on what seems like a bit of a downward spiral and was hospitalized on November 21st, 2016. Whether it’s mental exhaustion or something more serious, here is all the details of West’s hospitalization.

West’s behavior began appearing differently after his wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. He began cutting his concerts short, some he only played for 15 minutes, and fans were outraged. At first it just seemed like Kanye was looking out for Kim, but his behavior continued to grow stranger. He began engaging in full-blown rants at his concerts. One in particular in San Jose was about how he would’ve voted for Trump (which sent many fans into a booing rage), another was about his newly developed anger towards friends Beyoncé and Jay-Z because they didn’t reach out to him regarding Kim’s robbery. Fans grew angry that they payed large sums of money to see Kanye perform and instead this is what they got.

Kanye then sent his fans over the edge when he cancelled the rest of his Saint Pablo Tour following his stop in Sacramento. The money is going to be refunded but fans are still heartbroken and confused. In the same night, West posted over 100 blurry fashion photos on Instagram making fans grow even more confused. Later on, West was at his personal trainer’s home. It was here that he apparently grew violent with his gym staff leading them to call the cops, whom west also tried to fight, but eventually agreed to be hospitalized. West was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and has been there ever since.

So why was Kanye hospitalized? Many claim that Kanye “always has breakdown around this time of year” because November 10th is the anniversary of his mother, Donda West’s death. However, this doesn’t seem like Kanye being Kanye. He may just be sleep deprived and mentally exhausted as he has a lot on his plate with the tour and his fashion line, but something tells me this is a little more severe. Some sources claim that Kayne was experiencing paranoia and depression while in the hospital and doesn’t seem to be getting better.

Overall, I am rooting for Kanye to get better. Whether you love him or absolutely hate him, it is important to admire his strength towards putting his mental health first, a task often difficult for many celebrities to achieve. Get well soon, Mr. West.