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Fashion Must Haves to Pack When Coming Home for the Holidays



It is now that time of year when a majority of us have to leave our college lives and make the trip back home for the holidays. We will try to pack up the entirety of our closet from the past few months and make it a point to fit it all into one suitcase or car. Then, we realize that we brought way too many things home with us and dread bringing it all back to college in January. Below, I have compiled a list of some fashion must haves that will make your travels easier, and your suitcase much lighter.


1. A Condensed Makeup Bag


Only bring the makeup that you actually wear on a daily basis, not all the makeup that you own.


2. Three Pairs of Shoes

A pair for everyday wear. A pair for going out. Another pair just in case.


3. Appropriate Outerwear

If you live in a place where it gets cold, make sure to bring your winter coat. If you go home for the holidays to a warmer climate, pack a light jacket.


4. Your Everyday Jewelry

Accessories are a great addition to any outfit, so if you wear certain jewelry pieces every day- bring those home with you too! Plus, you don’t actually have to pack them since you’ll be wearing them.


5. Basic Clothing Pieces  

Of course you should pack your favorite holiday outfit, but you probably won’t need to dress up for the rest of your days spent at home. Basic clothing pieces like sweaters, leggings or a good pair of jeans are essential when traveling.

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