Dip Powder Nails: Are They Really Better Than Gels and Acrylics?


         A manicure that lasts longer than two weeks? Sounds impossible. We’ve all gone through the motions: regular manicures that chip and smudge, gel manicures that expose your skin to harsh UV lighting, and acrylics that are just too expensive. I’ve been scouring nail salons near and far for a solution, and dip powder is what I found.


Dip powder manicures are perfect for college students because they are inexpensive and they look amazing. Celebrity manicurist Erica Marton refers to them as a “diet acrylic” manicure; there are no UV rays required! Instead, a sealant is used to seal in the pigmented powder. Dipping powder is definitely healthier than gels and acrylics, but there are still some cons. Most of the dip powders contain MMD, which can be harmful to nails.


The most popular brand of dip powder is Kiara Sky, which is what my nail salon uses. For a standard dip powder manicure, I was charged $35. The process is straightforward and simple. The nail technician filed and buffed the surface of my nails, and then applied a base coat that would allow for the powder to stick to my nails. She dipped my nails into the pigmented dip powder, and then repeated the process three times. She did not shape my nails until after the powder was applied; she also buffed them down so that they would be nice and smooth. She applied a top coat at the end, which made my nails extremely shiny.



If you’re considering a dip powder manicure, something to keep in mind is that the color in the jar looks extremely different from what will ultimately end up on your nails. I picked a deep, eggplant purple powder, and some of the residue was left on the skin around my nails after my manicure was over. It took about a day for all of it to wash off, but my nails looked the best they ever have when all of the powder finally washed away.


I’ve had this manicure for about a week now, and it’s held up extremely well. I have gotten so many compliments from friends and strangers alike. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to gel manicures ever again!

Images via http://www.thedailynailblog.com.