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The Debut of Younger Now



We’ve all been counting down to the release of Miley Cyrus’s new album “Younger Now” which was finally released on Friday the 29th of September. After her previous album, “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz”, fans were beyond excited for “Younger Now” as she counted down on her Instagram, leaking small clips of each song. Miley had released four songs before dropping her album, one of which reached the Top 10. The record reflects a new country-pop Miley Cyrus, which she addresses throughout the eleven tracks on the album.



1.  Younger Now

Younger Now was one of Miley’s singles she released before the album dropped. It’s a great sing-along, “feels” song. The song is all about embracing the past and accepting change. The perfect intro and Title song for her album about transition and transformation.


2. Malibu

You know it, and you love it. This single was pre-released and made the Top 10, for good reason. The song is all about finding herself and ultimately finding peace at the beach, a newfound paradise to the young artist. Miley herself said that Malibu was “where it all started”.


3. Rainbow Land

For all of you that can remember back to those Hannah Montana episodes that featured Cryus’ real life and TV Godmother, you can get excited for this song. The song features Dolly Parton, whom Miley credits with making country music sexy. The song has a more country vibe with an underlying theme of coming together. It’s about happiness, paradise, and being free to be who you are.


4. Week Without You

Week Without You was another early release with a mellow vibe but great beat. It’s all about escaping a bad relationship. Getting away from the constraint and imaging a fun, carefree “week without you”.


5. Miss You So Much

The song title says it all. In this song Cyrus sings about distance, but in the sense of “so close but so far” and emotional distance. A word to describe the track? FEELS.


6. I Would Die For You

A contrast to “Week Without You”, this song is about someone that is everything to her. It’s about passion and love; definitely an homage to her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, as many of the songs on her new album are.


7. Thinkin’

Thinkin’ is a song many of us can relate too. The songs an upbeat, strong hitting tempo about overthinking. Very much a sing-a-long song, her pop-country beat is going to be stuck in your head for days.


8. Bad Mood

A new anthem for Mondays? Bad Mood is another ~feels~ song but in a little different way. The choir in the chorus and beat throughout makes you want to strut around and conquer it all.


9. Love Someone

This upbeat song shows off Miley’s amazing vocals and you’re going to LOVE IT! The track is about getting up, getting out, and getting away. Miley’s taking back her world and moving on.


10. She’s Not Him

This track has a dreamy beat and references Miley’s sexual fluidity that she’s explored in the past couple of years. Yet despite her exploration, the title “she’s not him” can be connected back to her undying love for Hemsworth.


11. Inspired

Miley released this song earlier this year during Pride Month. The song reflects finding resilience, nostalgia, and, well, inspiration.


Has Miley finally found herself? I certainly hope so. The girl has totally evolved starting with a young career of Hannah Montana, then on to her Bangerz days of twerking and drugs, and now we find an enlightened, beautiful human that, you have to admit, makes amazing music and is a down to earth, happy human being. The album has been released and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you should right now!

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