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Come Back Kids—90’s Generation

Slowly but surely, were moving into a world where people know Britney Spears for “Work Bitch,” rather than “Oops…I Did It Again.” The posters on preteen walls are no longer of 98 Degrees and New Kids on The Block, but of The Wanted or One Direction. It’s easy to think the golden era of the 1990’s is gone forever, but, in reality, the 90’s are as alive as ever…in spirit of course. Boy bands and grunge style are making their comeback…21st century style.

Like in the 90’s, bands are the be all to end all right now. Whether it’s pop boy bands like good ol’ 1D, or punk alternative, like New Politics, it’s all about the music. For example, if you’re into 90’s punk, like Sum 41, listen to New Politics song “Dignity.” As soon as you do you’ll know why. Not only is it about the boys though, girl bands, yes like the Spice Girls, are getting more and more buzz. We’ve got British girl group Little Mix, and the all-American group, Fifth Harmony.  

Have you noticed the comeback of flannels, crop-tops, and high waisted shorts and pants? Yep, all 90’s wear. Popular stores like H&M and Brandy Melville are all carrying these 90’s clothes, and the girls are all over it…it was only a matter of time.

So, we’ve got 90’s style, and even some 90’s music. Lets get into the 90’s TV. We’re all waiting in anticipation for the new, “Girl Meets World.” The story of Corey and Topanga’s daughter. According to IMDB, “Girl Meets World” is set to premiere in 2014. I’m sure nearly every 90’s kid will have a viewing party for this. 

So, welcome back 90’s…we’ve been waiting for this comeback!

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