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Celebrity Costumes You Should Try Out This Year

Halloween is going to be celebrated a lot differently this year. Without the grand, exclusive events that the biggest celebrities attend every year, many are reminiscing on Instagram by sharing their costumes from past years. The global pandemic does not need to stop you from celebrating more intimately with your friends. Here are some last minute costumes you can mimic from home: 


1. Kendall Jenner as a witch

“Not a costume, a lifestyle,” Jenner said on her Instagram when she shared her perfect witch costume. Grab that black dress at the back of your closet you’ve been waiting to wear, grab a witch hat from your local store and lay on some thick black eyeliner. 


2. Beyonce as Queen Bee

She went as the queen bee she is at a New York event in 2011 and you can too. Search around for any yellow and black pieces and throw on a headband. If it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for anyone.


3. Kim Kardashian as Elle Woods

Get your group of girls together and dress up as all the iconic 2000s movie characters. Look to films like Legally Blonde, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Clueless and Mean Girls for some inspiration. Anything pink and funky will usually work for what you’re looking for. 


4. Rihanna as a glammed-out skeleton

Grab some face paint or go full glam with your make-up. This is a simple, fun look that you can recreate from Rihanna’s 2018 eye-catching look. There are no rules for what you can do with this.


5. Zoe Kravitz as a vampire at breakfast time

If you’re going for a funny, iconic outfit, this is a great costume to copy. Grab the robe and slippers you have been sporting every day for the last few months working from home and run some red lipstick down your chin. 


6. Emily Ratajkowski as Cleopatra

Anything metallic and shiny in your closet is all you need to mimic Ratajkowki’s fashionable ensemble in 2016. Pair it with a dramatic smoky eye and dark lipstick and you are ready.


7. Kylie Jenner as Barbie

Anything pink and dramatic will give you that barbie look. Bright pink lipstick and the biggest blowout will go perfectly with your barbie doll attire. This is a great excuse to wear those heels you’ve been wanting to trade your slippers out for.


8. Sophie Turner as Morticia Adams.

This is an easy costume you can find right out of your wardrobe. Put on something black and sleek and part your pin-straightened hair down the middle. Emphasize those cheekbones with way too much bronzer and wear a dark lip. 


9. Kaia Gerber as a punk rocker.

Wear way too much dark make-up, crimp and tease your hair to as big as it will get and put on all the necklaces you own. Layer all of the black, red or neon clothes in your closet with some boots. 


10. Bella Hadid as a cavewomen

Slip on all the cheetah print you own and you can steal Hadid’s 2019 fit. Rub some brown eyeshadow on your face and you will have that Stone Age look. 


Julia is is the College Fashionista Editorial Intern at Her Campus Media. On the few occasions she is not writing, you can find her buried in the latest issue of Vogue, binging "Sex and the City" for the hundredth time, or drinking too much coffee. As a senior at Suffolk University, she is currently studying abroad in London, England. Follow Julia on Instagram @jahaesy.
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